Hand made regimental Badges


I recently made this badge for a friend, i was wondering if people would be interested in them. They are made in MDF and can be made to any size. I am currently obtaining permission from the MOD to market and sell them. Any cap badge can be made, I have made Artillery, Para, RM Commando and Dagger badges.

Interested in any comments.


Billy S


They're proper bo mate!

I'll have 800 loggy ones with a 16 foot diameter.

Give me a shout when you've finished them and I'll nip down to Colly with my chequebook, in my Bedford Rascal to collect.
To match the badge or the head?

Go on, let's see the others. Are they for indoor use only or do they have some resistance to water? What's the finish? It doesn't look like paint.
I be reckon its printed on poster paper and slapped onto some mdf that's cut out to shape.

How much are these canny large badges?
The badges are hand drawn then painted. They are varnished. The price will be about £80 if i get permission to sell them, each badge takes about 3 days to make.
Not bad Billy and a reasonable price.

If anyone is after a much more expensive badge done in slate or wood there's a business here in Shetland do a good job. A friend had a set of slate table mats and coasters with Queens Own Highlanders badge ... very lush:

Military Plaques - New Scatness Carvings

(I'm sure the Scatness name will cause a giggle ... it's Old Norse rather than poo games!)
I really cannot sell any yet as the MOD owns the property rights. I could make one and see what it comes out like, then when i get set up I will be able to sell them. what size are you after, and if possible do you have a high resolution picture?
Fair play to you, I can see there being interest, can't fault you for trying to make a few £. I reckon a bit cheaper and throw it open on eBay, to bid up.
Diversify maybe with a fire service/coppers badge even a football team, they're bound to end up in a bedroom or shed somewhere.