Hand drawn image into a "clean" computerised image ready for t-shirt printing?


Me and few lads are drawing up some ideas for a logo on our tour t-shirt (seeing as we're working with a mixed bunch). A mate has come up with a good idea by merging various images on his computer which I've traced by hand to clean it up a bit (i.e; remove mottos and some overlapping of colour) but now it really does look like a kids drawing. Dos anyone know of program that would clean it up so as to make it into a sharp, printable image or even someone who knows how to do it? Theres a beer in it for them if they do. A quick search has thrown up something about "Vectoring" but it's based around Adobe Photoshop and hs come with the warning that it requires patience. Something I'm not blessed with.

Any help?


Without a good grasp of PhotoShop or Illustrator this is a difficult job , for a thickie like me. This might be what you're looking for. Or not. Vector Magic Precision Bitmap To Vector Conversion Online
"Easily Convert Bitmap Images to Clean Vector Art"
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It seems you get two free goes when you sign up.

Alternatively how about finding a local High street shop that does T-Shirt printing. They'd probably do the file conversion (from BMP/JPEG, whatever it is) before it can be printed, turn it into a Vector and clean it up for you. No doubt someone with a better answer than this will turn up soon. Good luck.

Have a look here: Convert your Image To Vector Online For Free « graphics, tools « KnowTeBook - Webworkers Daily Milk
Well versed in both Photoshop and Illustrator. Depends how complicated it is? Would help if you could post an image of it then I can give you a better idea of what you need.
No idea how to upload an image on here. Could email it to you if that helps. It's a couple of cap badges blended together so I image it's quite complicated but then again I'm no expert.
Hmm, been on Arrse for 5 years, still can't figure out how to post an image, but quite happy to let others bag his shit for him?

Good luck.
Scanner or good camera and photoshop.

Piece of piss and I am an IT thicky with a ten year old laptop.

If the mouth breathers in Asda can put your fizzog on a cake I doubt the local shirt printer will struggle with a Jpeg thats been photo shopped to remove the hand drawn look.

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