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hand-built WW2 Tempest

That is incredible! I doubt he has a wife (at least not anymore!)

Thing is - if he's just built it with all the panels on he wouldn't have had to do all the fiddly bits with the engine etc... reckon that could have saved him at least a year!


Book Reviewer
have you seen the 1/5 Spitfire in the entrance hall at Hendon? every piece built by hand, took the bloke eight years iirc. makes my childhood Airfix habit look a bit second rate to say the least...
It's wrong... 8O

Engine, second bolt in, top of the Cyl Head should be a Whitworth thread, he's got a BSF one :lol:

That said, tis pretty good.... but I wonder if it's going the way of most model airplanes and become the duty air rifle target... :twisted:

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