Hamza henchman defies law to praise 7/7 bombers

AN associate of Abu Hamza, the hook-handed cleric, has defied Tony Blair’s ban on glorifying terrorism by praising the July 7 bombers and describing how he would “love” to kill British troops fighting in Afghanistan.

Abu Abdullah said he supports suicide bombers using “household chemicals” to attack the West and believes the prime minister is a legitimate target for assassination because of his foreign policy.

Abdullah, however, is apparently being allowed to operate unchecked by the authorities five months after a law was passed making it a criminal offence to glorify terrorism.

The fact that he remains at liberty to espouse his values — including rampant anti-semitism and homophobia — will fuel the concerns of foreign governments who have for years perceived Britain to be a “soft touch” on combating Islamist extremism, with some referring to the capital as “Londonistan”.

Abdullah, whose real name is Attila Ahmet, is of Turkish Cypriot origin and was born and raised in London. Before converting to Islam about eight years ago, he was a football coach in the Bexley youth league and was known to his colleagues as “Alan”.

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Another glaring, if unsurprising, example of Tony Bliar's ability to talk the talk, but not walk the walk. Doubtless the individual mentioned will continue to spew his poisonous bile unchequed.

It makes you think there is no point in extra anti-terrorist laws. After all, if the Police will not use the laws, even ones specifically designed to prevent exactly these kinds of statements, then what is the point in giving them more powers? (And I say that as someone normally in favour of strong anti-terrorist laws).

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