Hamstring/tendon pain behind the knee?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by nubstylahrim, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. Ive just recoverd from shin splints, ive started running again..but now im getting pain at the back of my knee (not actually pain in the knee the back of the leg, 'legpit' i suppose you could call it) its a pain in a tendon specificly the back of my leg behind the knee just in that legpit area (sorry i dont know how else to explain it), it doesnt run into my thigh or calf just in the middle part of my leg in that area a little closer to the inside of my leg. Im not sure if this is the start of my hamstring or not.. when i get to a certain pace running it like jolts and a gives a sharp pain in my leg but doesnt do it all the time? after my run my leg is stiff to bend out. Ive already payed £37 to see a phsyio and i dont have that kind of money to spend! I start my basic in 3 weeks, anybody had these symptoms and advice, should i apply R.I.C.E or not? cheers guys!

    p.s sorry about the essay :ufo:
  2. See your GP. I had similar symptoms about 5yrs ago, my leg became so stiff I had to force it straight one evening before bed. Woke up next day in agony and couldn't straighten my leg at all.

    Went to A&E who diagnosed a ruptured Bakers cyst and I was on crutches for two weeks. It may not be the same thing you have, but I would see your GP anyway.
  3. Yes it does sound like a "Bakers cyst", especially if its swollen, which probably means the protective membranes on the joint are knackered! Get to a Doctor asap especially if you are hoping to start basic!
  4. Agreed with both the last posters, bakers cyst easily diagnosed on ultrasound but again, your dr trained for an AWFUL long time and would be very hurt that you'd seek the advice of a bunch of pissed up first aiders rather than let him practise his cough test on you! Off you pop... Give a GP a reason to get up in the morning ;)
  5. The weird thing is, it happens in both legs ..my left isnt bad I only get the odd sharp pain now and again, and it doesnt feel stiff after running whereas my right leg feels stiff and is a little uncomfortable when walking, a tiny bit swollen but nothing bad it doesnt hurt when I prod around either unless I get my fingers right in on the tendant and fiddle round, what happens if I dont recover before basic? ..im going for the para's aswel, i just have a bad gut feeling everything is going to go pair shaped :| really feel shitty about it all. cheers for the replys!
  6. Put it this way, if you do have Bakers cysts then you should see a GP asap - because if you get one that ruptures its ******* agony and that's game over for you in terms of getting in on that intake..as you'll be on crutches just to walk, no phys for a while either. Get it checked now and you may be able to get it sorted.
  7. Ok, cheers dude ..going too book an appoinment tommorow!
  8. when I was at soccer practice I felt a twist behind my knee(at the beginning of practice)on what felt like that tendon that run behind your knee on the outside.. I just shrugged it off at first, but then it happened again accept I felt a popped and even move my knee for like 30 min. until basically I relaxed... so the next day I went to get an mri and the doctor said I had a slight strain in my acl, but nothing else.. except the problem is that I don’t feel anything in my acl and I have a little swelling on the back of my knee along with even less on top.. Sometimes when I bend my leg inward and go too far I feel a pop and my whole freaking knee hurts like hell and I cant straighten it, until I relax and then I can walk again.. I cant bend my knee straight and when I compared the tendon on my left side to my right the one on my left feels more loose and not as tight... I guess what I’m asking is that is these signs of something wrong in my hamstrings tendon? And if so how long will it take to heal?