Hamstring tear behind the knee

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jonny36, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Anyone had one of these things? Hamstring strain/tear behind the knee?

    I have had it now for 4 weeks and trained through it however on Saturday the tab resulted in my stride shortening and becoming a little painful!

    How long before I can get the bergan back on? Or is it time to rest for a while?
  2. Is time you asked a health professional to take a look at it and then ask them what to do - not us amateurs!

    Why wont folks learn that carrying on training on an injury often just makes things a lot worse! :)

  3. jonny, it is not big and it is not clever! I did what you have.........

    It is now 4 months after my operation and it is never going to be the same!
  4. I had a hamstring tear years ago. As it heals it shortens and is prone to tear again. When it does heal it forms scar tissue which limits the blood flow to the muscle and makes it ache. Best thing as someone already said is to see a pro, a sports physio maybe who will treat it with ultrasound and give you some stretching exercises to do. About six months and you will be good as new
  5. Sounds like the crucea (?) ligament. I did mine ages ago, I had to take a whole season off rugby!
  6. its cruciate, and thats inside the joint not behind the knee. Go to the doctor or a sports physio, don't try to deal wth it yourself. Your knee is one of your major load bearing joints and if you feck it, its fecked for good. Not worth the risk.
  7. Granted, but when it goes, the pain feels as though it's behind the knee.
  8. So may diagnoses, so many options - Which is why you need to see a properly trained professional!!!!! They will be able to ask all the right questions and find out exactly what is wrong, rather than the best guessing that goes on here.

    PLEASE don't imagine that anyone (oh I had something JUST like that it's my hamstring/cruciate/tendon/nerve/flapjackthingy) can make a proper diagnosis over a computer screen.

  9. fair dos if its a posterior cruciate. Its neither here nor there really, the point is GO TO THE PROFESSIONALS regardless. Badly healed tendons and ligaments can render the joint unstable, once that happens you're looking at one injury after another until its totally buggered. Its not worth the risk, like smudge said he had to take the whole season off, but presumably is now relatively fit...for an auld bloke :D
  10. I'd get it looked at by someone who knows what they're doing. That, unfortuntaley, means not an Army doc.

    I'm not that old!!