Hamster Surfing

Well that was a mistake, watching a little film called "CBT Needles", If thats his hobby he's one sad fellow
Er, a link might of helped. Quite pointless to most unless they're on meths too.

But hey ho; CBT needles is probably Cock & Ball Torture so it's most likely some bloke shoving hypodermics into his nads and cock???
WTF, when the "high point" of a clip is some Herman making "Da Brain", does not say much for it.
Have we been overrun by Seamen slurping Matlots and nobody bothered to tell us?
Sorry I didn't want a "bollocking" for posting a direct link to a porn page. Didn't think that was allowed. (did you see what I did there)

I am sure if you can get on xhamster and search fro CBT you will find it in all its glory and screaming. That must fucking smart................
A while ago I happened upon a video clip of a bloke who slipped a noose around his scrotum (and possibly his dick, but it was difficult to tell) and then hung upside down suspended entirely on his genitals.

Mad cunt.

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