Hamster Surfing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. Well that was a mistake, watching a little film called "CBT Needles", If thats his hobby he's one sad fellow
  2. Er, a link might of helped. Quite pointless to most unless they're on meths too.

    But hey ho; CBT needles is probably Cock & Ball Torture so it's most likely some bloke shoving hypodermics into his nads and cock???
  3. If that is an accurate definition of CBT then it's just as well that the OP didn't furnish a link.8O

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  4. I can send you some links if you like :)
  5. WTF, when the "high point" of a clip is some Herman making "Da Brain", does not say much for it.
    Have we been overrun by Seamen slurping Matlots and nobody bothered to tell us?
  6. I was hoping for more about Richard Gere.Never mind.
  7. Sorry I didn't want a "bollocking" for posting a direct link to a porn page. Didn't think that was allowed. (did you see what I did there)

    I am sure if you can get on xhamster and search fro CBT you will find it in all its glory and screaming. That must fucking smart................
  8. A while ago I happened upon a video clip of a bloke who slipped a noose around his scrotum (and possibly his dick, but it was difficult to tell) and then hung upside down suspended entirely on his genitals.

    Mad cunt.
  9. JC what the f**k did you put in google to find that then??

    Maybe we should have a whats the most obscure thing google finds thread.
  10. At one time Sicvids dot com was a free site,it had some pretty strange stuff on it,now you have to pay it's not worth it.....