Hamster Hamond Critically Ill

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bomb_Doctor, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Yes I know there's another thread on this - but it's Current Affairs, not Arty Stuff........

  2. I have always considerd Hamster to be the man who does the biz on the show.
    All the Best .
  3. Get well soon mate, Top Gear has been better since he was on it!
  4. get well soon fella.
  5. Get well soon Hammond. You're one of the most entertaining people I know of, and you and Jeremy Clarkson are about the only worthwhile reason to pay out for a TV licence. You are the kings of entertainment, and I was quite gutted to learn of your misfortune while in the line of cheering up our boring little lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife and children at this difficult time.
  6. Get well soon Hamster, best wishes got to you and your clan, a bit of bad luck old chap.
  7. ITN seem to have used this to sl4g off the BBC, highlighting another accident involving Anthea Turner getting set on fire (would still do her), and they've suggested "it's time the BBC stopped putting presenters at risk for the sake of ratings". B0ll0cks! Top Gear is one of the few shows worth the license fee and Hammond is a gleaming presenter. ITV should be hoping he makes a full recovery not taking the opportunity to have a dig at their rivals.
  8. There were 6 Road Policing Units that showed up, and that was on private property!. You would be lucky to see the odd two down my way for a bad smash on a public road!!!

  9. Errr..... Road Policing Units??? That's a police car, right?
  10. They turned up as they were probably Accident Investigation Specialists.

    Anyway.......best of British Hamster!

  11. the cops are looking at the risk assesment, to ascertain blame.
  12. A RPU is another name for a Traffic Police Car. Accident investigation & collision investigation.