Hampshire police cull

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ventress, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  2. This is sabre rattling by the police service. Cuts are going to happen. They have to- there's no money. It's up to organisations to make the cuts in a way than preserves as much of possible of what is truly necessary. The police have escaped any kind of far-reaching reform for more than a decade. It's a failure of courage amongst their senior management that instead of using these cuts as an opportunity to take on vested interests and refom the police to make sure it meets today's needs, they are instead going to play politics in this crude way, and make these sorts of cuts.
  3. When 84% of a budget is spent on salary then there isn't a grat deal of other areas for savings!

    These will mostly be support staff (civvy) posts, which Police Forces have swelled beyond all sensibility in the last 10 yrs.

    As this post is originally about Hampshire, they have only got about 300 more officers than 10 years ago, so it doesn't take the brains of an Archbishop to see where the expansion has been!
  4. I watched this clip with a morbid fascination. She is an utter disgrace, both as a fellow police officer and a human being. It sickened me when she got in the car gobbing off that she was a bobby. The look on the police driver's face said it all. She should be in the ACC's office facing a charge of malfeasance or at least abuse of position. It sickened me, particularly when she started crying.

    And no, I don't gob off that I am in the job when pulled by the police (which has happened once or twice) Last time, I had a brake light out, I was pulled, and given a VDRS. Cost me £30 to get it signed off. The copper's face was a picture when I gave my address as Single Quarters at a police station ! Fair play, it made no difference to him, nor should it have.

    The female in the clip I do not regard as a fellow professional in any sense.
  5. Some of those 'support' staff have been allowed to empire build over that decade you speak of and by **** have they ever. People (usually women) have managed to get to 'top' jobs on the back of promises that they could never keep and when they got there, having found that they were incapable of doing the job, sought to employ 'deputies' to do the job for them. End result, two people being paid to do one job. Scientific Support units are riddled with it. HR are just as bad. Look at the size of some of these Departments. Simply unsustainable.
  6. Very true. Police Support Staff non jobs are endemic and can and wil be cut without the public even noticing. What worries me, is that some of the essential posts that are cut are going to be filled by, guess what? Frontline bobbies!
  7. Whereas in Kent,where budget cuts of 25% are on the table,they have just announced a new recruiting drive......................for more Special Constables!
  8. Shrewd move. No pay.
  9. That doesn't need to be so. You will always need the lower paid admin staff and car washers, who are cheap to employ. It's the 'sexy' roles that support staff have been allowed to create for themselves, the ones who's titles usually include the word 'manager' yet 'management' is never practised by the postholder. Some of these job roles pay out £30k plus. For what? For people to sit about and do little (I won't say that they do nothing, but what little they do, doesn't command that level of pay). The 'career structure' in Scientific Support units for example has been allowed to run out of control. VCSEs are the easy target here. They aren't fully qualified, so no loss. It just means that SOCOs/CSIs/whatever job title is the current flavour of the month, will need to work a little bit harder (and I don't think that they'll complain too loudly seeing as they'll be grateful to hang onto their own jobs by doing so). Internal forensic trainers should go as well (the job can be done by existing SOCOs so there's @ £25k p.a. saved) as should some of the second tier 'management' (there's that word again) in the same Department. Stand alone Fingerprint Bureax should be merged with neighbouring forces (for those who haven't done so already). Joint facilities will be the only way to save some resources, but better to have a percentage of something small than the whole of nothing. Air Support Units, Roads Policing, all busy and all able to justify their existence, but as there are no 'sacred cows', I would imagine that they all stand to feel the pinch. Better to save the best part of these facilities rather than allow the continuation of these fiefdoms which 'support' staff have been allowed to create and rule over for the past 10 years. I want coppers on the beat, even if it is only a couple and I don't see them every day (come to think of it..that's how it is round here anyway, so I'll not notice the change). I don't want to pay taxes towards some overpaid civvies personal career ambitions. I couldn't care less what job title they've given themselves. Justify your existence or collect your cards. Maybe this 'cull' might end up having a silver lining. It just might get back to ******* reality.
  10. Is it time to merge all the constabularies into one national police force? Might initially cost more, but in the long run surely it would be cheaper?
  11. Brand new facility being built in Southampton.. and less people to fill it excellent...
  12. All I want to know is,when the cuts start are the PCSO's going first,talk about a ******* waste of money !

    Some Police Federation prat was on the TV last night spreading doom and gloom about budget cuts to the Kent force,and how it would effect his bretheren,and the crime rate,by 2012,on the phone-in,I tried to get an answer to that question,and I'm still waiting.

    The other thing that intrigues me is this,we are being told that there are now more police officers in the UK,than at any other time,given that this country is actually getting smaller (Coastal Erosion),how come seeing Bobbies on the beat is now the exception,rather than the rule,where are they all ?

    Also,wouldn't it be a good idea to bring in a BFT,for the Plod. Given all the fat ******* I see cruising about in their "company" cars,it might be a bit of an eye-opener,to the local population to see how unfit the guardians of the law are!

  13. Radio call from a sunny Eastbourne. "Need assistance"
    Answer from Rainy Manchester cop. "Show me attending."^^
  14. It would be a very interesting exercise to establish how much tax payers cash is diverted supporting ACPO. I'm not talking about the massive payments made by Police Authorities more about the number of hours of Police time is used carrying out work on behalf of that private organisation, how many Bobbies are 'seconded' at no cost to ACPO and how much support and admin staff has been used developing ACPO documents?

    Hampshire Police Servers seem to be awash with documents produced for that organisation.

    How about this little misappropriation of Police Funds?

    Association of Chief Police Officers Vacancies