Hammond: 'No change in Afghan strategy'

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by HHH, Sep 19, 2012.

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  2. As soon as ISAF announced that its exit strategy was to train up the ANSF and let them take up the heavy lifting the Taliban announced that their policy would be to infiltrate said forces and hit ISAF

    “Thus what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy”
    Sun Tzu (On offensive strategy)

    And so with weekly Green on blue attacks what does the MOD do? Rather than have a hard look and possibly change the way we work, It dusts off its tried and tested formula to previous problems i.e. ignore / denies there is a problem at all (Gulf war syndrome anyone). There must clearly have been a bit of light blue influence in this policy, as there was also a hint of RAF Air crash investigation policy (Blame it on the air crew). However it was dressed up as a lack of cultural awareness training on the part of the ISAF trainers.
    Now the yanks have pulled the plug on some of the training and 24hrs latter a wide eyed and blinking defence sectary goes to the house of fools, to announce that we too are suspending certain operations. Of course this is not a “U” turn o no! The truth is that this rudderless ship of a country is incapable of making a “U” turn as it’s stuck on the magic ****ing roundabout!

    Still at least Hammond managed to present a modicum of sincerity by the simple trait of having the people on the bench behind him (on camera) awake and listening to him speak. Unlike that labour clown on Monday night’s news.
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  3. We have a Strategy?
  4. What is the overall goal for forces in Afghanistan at the moment?

    I'm assuming that the big two are (1.) Train and implement an Afghan army and security force (2.) Keep the Taliban at bay until withdrawl from country

    I haven't been and please don't see this as me being critical of anything other than the wider strategy, which is not the fault of soldiers on the ground, but from what I've seen/read/heard (from TV, books, newspapers and soldiers who were there) its a case of go out, get settled and then patrol until somebody is killed or wounded then pull back on the patrolling.

    That's from just one point of view, though. I know for those training Afghan forces the goals would be different. Is that going well? Green on blue aside for that question, of course.
  5. The purpose of the Taliban strategy was, I assume, to drive a wedge between the ISAF/ ANSF coalition? Divide then conquer- so have we attacked the Taliban's strategy or given in to it? I suspect that the Mullahs will be engaged in some special jiggy jiggy with young boys tonight in celebration.