Hammond casts doubt on F-35 Order.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, May 4, 2013.

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  1. So are we looking at re-activating the Swordfish as an option then?
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  2. Are you referring to the inevitable Sunnoficarus posts on this?
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  3. It's something that was considered, I believe in the MoD review, but it was found that the last MoD approved manufacturer of string off shored production to China in 2009, so the importation of Mil Grade string would render the re-activation costs prohibitive
  4. Perhaps the MoD are funding that Dornier salvage, they might just be keeping all of their options open...............................
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  5. Yes I've just seen that. And you are surprised?- what surprised me more was the fact that Typhoon is being mooted for being taken out of service- Have we had them that long?
  6. They may as well go the whole hog, transfer all the wokka wokkas to the AAC and disband the RAF.....
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  7. Indeed, look at the benefits; it depresses the civilian heliochopter job market, gives Capita an excellent challenge to prove their recruiting skills and the UK armed forces get another capability gap that takes years to fill ;-)
  8. So fully aligned with MoD/War Office Traditions then................
  9. Yep , you'd probably get the Blues and Royals going up to full mounted strength on the back of a cull of one of the Wokka Sqn's.
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  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Haven't the Australians just binned their order and gone for the Super Hornet with the Canadians making noises about doing the ssame? More for us to buy though!!
  11. Oz has made an interim order of F-18's coz their other 18's are on the way out. They're the newest biggest bestest pals of the spams and they fully intend to buy the '35.

    Australia Reaffirms F-35 Plans - WSJ.com

    Canada is umming and ahing because their procurement makes ours look like a well oiled machine - see Merlin and Upholder. They may cancel and buy something else but odds on they'd **** that up.
  12. This is not news.

    It was a given that we were only going to buy 48, enough to replace the RAF's Tornado's and provide a couple of Sqn's with a
    Primary naval role.

    An order for the first 14 is in the process of being let.

    The RAF will rely on the Typhoon for another decade or so when the F-35 will still be in full scale production and a follow on order of F-35's to replace them can be looked at again around 2025. And in the 2025 timeframe, UCAV's should be a fully mature strike option.
  13. All it means is that there will be several MG decisions for batch / block buys as the budget matures, the aircraft enters service and we see how "mature" UCAVs actually are. It's worth pointing out that there are a whole raft of issues regarding legal control / deconfliction of "true" UCAVs with ordnance, irrespective of what BAES are doing in a hangar in Salmesbury/Warton.

    I'd bet on another batch buy of 40-odd in the late teens once the log system is up and running. What should not be allowed is a buy of the A variant, which would leave a small force of B vulnerable to the same sort of shenanigans that did for SHAR/GR9.