Hammond at Bastion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by timmak, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Maybe he was wondering what it was like to watch the seconds tick away before the whistle blew. Maybe you ought to stop being such a hysterical big girl's blouse seeing something to shriek about everywhere you look.
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  2. I'm ****ing outraged.
  3. Is that more outraged or less outraged than 'utterly outraged'?
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  4. I'm upgrading myself to utterly ****ing outraged now.

    The sheer cheek of a politician to look at his watch shortly before a very important time which can't be missed. I don't have the words to describe the outrageousness of my outrage right now.
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  5. for a minute there i thought you meant Richard Hammond, top gear,

    why did you have to get my hopes up?
  6. Your 2nd post with nearly 5 years between your first and you can't manage to get people outraged.
    Wait until sunday and the experts on here will show you how to do it properly.
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  7. So lazy you can't even check his wikipedia page?
  8. **** this, I'm off to the Boozer
  9. Hammond is a politician. In my opinion he has NOT got what it takes to be a outstanding defence minister, his body language together with how he talks is all wrong for this roll that brother David imposed on him.

    Odds on that he will still be in this roll by this time next year ..... Slim.

    Just another here today gone tomorrow British defence minister really.

    The fact that he looked at his watch with agitation during the two minute silence says it all.

    B.T.W Can anyone confirm my suspicion that in the last four seconds of the video, his posture suggests that he has his hands in his pockets !

    Sad, very sad.
  10. To be honest the action is so exagerated it looks like a nervous gesture. Timing is vitally important during the ceremony, perhaps he wanted to be really sure they were getting it right?

    The impressive thing from that clip for me is the way the Spams are mingled amongst the ranks, doing our private thing our way, a thoroughly decent gesture.
  11. Yes you are!
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