Hammock sleep system

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by zimchaz, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone successfully used a hammock as a viable sleep system on ex/ops?I am convinced that being elevated off the ground would be both warmer and more comfortable(a la camp cot) than being on a rollmat etc,but a camp cot isnt exactly easy to carry as a dismounted infantry bod.Any experience/ideas/problems etc specifically with a hammock system?
  2. Ok... and what happens when you get bumped on ex with your trousers down and you have a few seconds to react to a stand to order?

    Very comfortable I'm sure though
  3. Unless you're in a jungle, there is rarely any opportunity to sling a hammock between two secure points. Not exactly tactical, either...
  4. Sleep system? John 11.35.
  5. Fair comment, are you referring to a bugout(pack your shit and run type scenario) or a stand to provide covering fire scenario?I may be wrong as I havent done it but surely you could fire a rifle from a hammock?And if it was pack up and go could a hammock not be unclipped and stashed as quickly as taking down a basha and rolling up a rollmat?Im just trying to see if flaws could be designed out of the system.
  6. Agreed obviously if you dont have an anchor then you cant have a hammock.As for the 'tactical' bit, if it was covered by a poncho and made of IRR material in dpm/mtp would it be less tactical than a normal setup?Im trying to determine if the problems could be overcome by design.
  7. Depends. Firstly on whether you want to hit anything. Secondly, whether you mind the enemy giving a fire control order along the lines of 'get the stupid ******* twat in the hammock'.

    Hope this helps.
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  8. Dear sweet Jesus. Where do we find them?
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  9. I had visions of some Wiley E Coyote spinning in nthe hammock and rounds going out like a catherine wheel.

    Did make me snigger.

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  10. Actually I think they find us...
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  11. Why would you need a hammock? What's wrong with the beds in the Fitter truck?

    I find this all most perplexing....
  12. We need a secret password.
  13. I used one successfully on Herrick- slung between vehicles in most cases. Much cooler especially during the day when resting. Not particularly practical in most cases however.
    I would not bother for exercises etc, but ok for camping or if you are DS.
  14. jpeg hammock.jpg Would this sort of setup be any more conspicuous than the current system?And would it affect accuracy that much??Sectional firepower during a contact is more about firing in the close general area of the enemy rather than pinpoint accuracy otherwise the MOD would surely spend alot less on ammunition?In any case I am only trying to highlight the flaws and see whether design might solve them.
  15. Cool, also a secret hand shake and everything? Do we get to sacrifice virgins and stuff?