Hammersmith Barracks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SupaSkin, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know the where abouts of hammersmiths barracks as i have a first aid weekend ther but haveno idea of how to get there.
    This is not a wah btw. Thanks alot
  2. Chuck this into google earth old chap,

    52° 7'1.72"N

    Many fond memories

  3. I meant the one in London not Germany. lol. But thanks anyway
  4. Who is based there?
  5. no idea. sorry
  6. knightsbridge barracks is prob the nearest...ring and ask ,ive never heard of hammersmith...hounslow yes...
  7. There are no barracks called Hammersmith in London.

    What the barracks are called in Hammersmith I don't know... nothing on the joining instructions I take it.
  8. im not joing im just a cadrt and i was wondering where the fek 'hammersmith' barracks where. Thanks alot anyway
  9. 45 AEC are to be found at Hammersmith Barracks, Herford
  10. i just phoned a mate and he said he knows where it is and that he would drive me there. Job DONE
  11. SupaSkin,a double check maybe in order, unless your mate enjoys long distance driving !
    Good ludck anyway just dont snog the resuss dummy.

  12. WCW, don't you mean double check ESP if your mate enjoys long distance driving and maybe a penchant for duty frees!? :D
  13. There 'used' to be a TA centre just up from the station. Exit the Station on the Shepherds Bush Rd side Turn right walk up Hammersmith Rd and it sits at the top of one of the turnings on the left within 150 meters.

    As I say I think TAVRA sold it some time ago but I might be wrong.

    Also didn't paddy bomb this place in the late 70's early 80's? Seem to remember a story of a car bomb where the car holding the device was blown clear over the buildings and landed in nearby back yards.
  14. yes its the same place, but now its used as the hq of the middlesex and nw london acf also i think hammersmith police use it for some kind of unarmed ninja training