Hammers move?

Quote BBC News website:

"West Ham will continue to bid for Olympic Stadium move - Karren Brady
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E-mail this to a friend Printable version The athletics track at the Olympic Stadium has recently been completed West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady says the football club still want to move to the Olympic Stadium in 2014.

The Championship side looked to have secured a switch to the venue following the London 2012 Games.

But the stadium, which has cost more than £500m to build, will now remain in public ownership.

"Our bid is the only one that will secure the sporting and community legacy promise of the Olympic Stadium," Brady said.

The decision, announced on Tuesday, was reached by the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC), British government and Mayor of London."

1) I don't like the idea at all about West Ham moving from their present stadium to this dump.
2) Where is all this money going to appear from?
3) At the end of the day I reckon the move from a lovely location to a place with no affinity whatsoever with Hammers suppoorters, will bankrupt the club.
4) FFS, you will need bino's to watcch the footy from the terraces in the Olypic stadium.

The world of football seems to be a very confusing one, as far a reality is concerned sometimes.


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A few well weird aspects to this one. On the news this morning Hammers would pay £2m a year to lease the stadium but running costs are £5m a year. So the tax payer is now supporting football clubs? Good. I expect all Premiershit clubs will get the £3m p.a. windfall then?

Also Leyton Orient are bleating on that all their supporters will desert them to become Hammers supporters because they have a nice stadium? How does that work? Are hordes of Man City fans switching to Man U or Fulham to Arsenal because they have nicer seats? Then there is the small matter of national / international athletics events bang in the middle of the foota season having first dibs on the stadium.

Once again I am reminded of my prophetic words back in 2005 when the revolting Seb Coe was punching the air. "Paris wants to be celebrating tonight because they didn't get saddled with this monster"
How viable is Upton Park these days? Its been many years since I have been (about 30!) but even back then it was not in the best of repair.

As for moving to the Olympic Stadium...hmmmm. Not sure about that one. My grandfather would be turning in his grave at that thought! Will they have a pie and mash shop near by? If not, forget it!!
Nothing wrong with the old stadium, I think it is in rather good nick.

But, why go all the way to some poncy, girly, dropshortish stadium, miles away from your ROOTS?

Fcking Coe.
How many football stadia in the world are there with an athletics track AND a good atmosphere?

Charge the kissball cnuts full price the tight *******!

Legacy? How many Olympic venues are being built for a fortune then destroyed after the games? (Equestrian, Shooting, etc, etc.) Could they have not done up and kept existing facilities?

Forgot it's the UK; Bend over tax-payers and touch your toes!

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