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Discussion in 'REME' started by kerryla, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone enlighten me on the dress regs for wearing this trade bagde? And can an artisan sgt wear them on his mess dress?
  2. I thought any tiffy type wore them on their shoulder. Aparently RE Fitters can too, although I never have.
  3. Artisans can't (and don't want to ) wear them as they distinguish the Artificer from the lowly Artisan. God no! fancy being mistaken for a Tiffy, no...no...no...
  4. I sometimes wonder when I read the questions on this board whether in fact lots of posters are in the same REME I was in.

    In my time Hammer and Tongs was worn by "A" tradesmen Classes 2 &1 up to Full Cpl, Sgts did notb wear it but tiffies did I can't see that it will have changed.
  5. Do a search on it - there's a lenghtly answer on here on the very subject - I cant be bothered to the work for you as I get enough of that at work.

    Suffice to say that CfnX has well and truely hit the nail on the head with his post, which is more or less a concise version of the thread I'm alluding to.

    And further, why the hell would an artisan want to wear hammer and tongs? Thats like Simon Weisental trying on an SS uniform to 'See what it feels like'.................. Mong?
  6. I see in the crafty mag this month, there is some artisans wearing them for drill, shame on them.
  7. Given that Tiffies may soon start studying for largely academic management qualifications such as foundation degrees in place of engineering qualifications such as BSc or HNC/D, it would seem reasonable that A tradesmen at all ranks should be permitted to wear the hammer and tongs. This would identify them as the specialist engineer at trade, which after all is what they are. Tiffies could perhaps wear insignia more suited to their very specific and unquestionable other qualities. Ideas on the back of a ten pound note etc.
  8. Vehicle Mechanics, Armourers, Metalsmiths (blacksmiths & shipwrecks) can wear them up to the rank of Sgt.

    SSgt, WO2, and WO1 wear the badge if they are Artificers streamed. (including Techs!!)

    Some CBT95 rank slides have been made with SGT stripes and Hammer & tongs to distinguish artificer students in Bordon (not sure about Arborfield)

    Royal Marines (who have the same trade qualifications) are entitled to this badge and I believe Royal Engineer fitters can wear it too (not that I ever saw them wearing it!)

    As for the Mess Dress hammer & tongs there are two different ones. One has a red background the other has a blue background, even the tailors don’t know why but I shall endeavour to found out!

    The best thing to do is to sit on the fence and see what everyone else is wearing at your unit. I doubt anyone would notice anyway, Its only a drinking suit after all!

    Hope this helps.
  9. At last a decent answer that doesnt call me a mong! I know that it is seen as a 'tiffy' badge but as OM13 says the tiffy is more an academic qualification rather than getting your covvies on and working on the shop floor so why shouldnt all artisans wear this badge? They have earnt the right through time served and units they have worked at rather than doing an 18 month course at Bordon/Aborfield
  10. Sigh, For a start, the word 'mong' in my post was suffixed with '?'... This alluded to the fact that you might indeed be a mong, or indeed, not. I'm now edging toward one of the options as you clearly seem to be feel that you are better placed to comment on Corps dress regs than the people who make them in the first place.

    There are reasons why artisans dont wear H&T, there are reasons why artificers do. I'm actually quite please that you have popped in here now, as in my 20 years in the Corps, you are the first artisan (I'm taking a leap of faith here and assuming that you are indeed an artisan) I've come across who actually WANTS to wear 'em.......... good on you in a way I suppose, just smacks a bit of badge collecting to me, and its not like its a 'looking up women on the bus's skirts' badge either..................
  11. The hammer and tongs with a red backing are for blues uniform. For some reason they have been sold to punters who don't know the which is which by unscrupuless tailors.
    All badges other than rank badges on mess dress should have the black/dark blue backing.
    It seems to be a common theme that tailors are ripping the guys off by getting rid of the wrong badges. All depends what unit you are with as to if you wear the hammer & tongs as a Sgt. Wear the things to show off your trade. If people don't know that tiffy ranks start at SSgt then they are ignorant runts who would not know what the badge is for anyway.
  12. Lots of speculation, supposition and opinion.

    Surely the definitive answer is in REME Corps Instructions? (But perhaps I am out of date and these don't exist anymore?)
  13. beenthereanddonethat is right, the rules are laid down in Corps Dress Regs. Battsimm; please have a word with your self, I was glad to take off my training tongs when I had proved my worth as a tradesman. Why would anyone worth their salt wish to continue wearing them when there is no need? You may as well go back to wearing your crap hat from basic training.

    Just to throw a little more fuel on the fire; there is only one rank where you are classed as an Artisan in the REME and that is SSgt.
  14. Artisan
    • noun a skilled worker who makes things by hand.

    — DERIVATIVES artisanal adjective.

    — ORIGIN French, from Latin artire ‘instruct in the arts’.

    If artisan streamed personnel can now reach the rank of WO2 surely this is the only rank where you can now call yourself a true artisan!
  15. I always thought that Sgt's shouldn't wear the old hammer and tongs, but a couple of them at our unit have them. I assumed that if they bothered to make them, then it was legitimate to wear them. However, your comment makes sense (especially as I have only seen them for sale at Bordon).