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Discussion in 'REME' started by nut-strangler, May 18, 2009.

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  1. I have been told that class one trades men/women can no longer wear the crossed hammer and tongs above thier tapes, and they are for tittys only.
    Can any one confirm this please ?

    It was always something for the young toms to aim for, to set them appaer from the rest.

    Yours Confused :?
    RtHon Strangler MP

    Now where are my expenses claim forms :p
  2. Thank you very much for your help, unfortuneatly the links dont seem to work.
  3. May 09 (i.e latest) crafty mag will answer your question :)
  4. Are we a bitter and twisted failed artificer by any chance?
  5. correct me if i am wrong but my take on the article in the latest crafty is that no one can where the hammer and tongs whilst in cbt95 and that tiffys and class ones can only wear it on No 2's.

    Additionally only class one techs of the rank cpl and below can wear their trade badges whilst in number 2s which seems pointless as in the vast majority of cases they will be a stripey about 18 months after attaining class one and so will maybe get two or three parades out of the badge in question.
  6. Only temporarily......

    I have it on good authority that the Corps Dress Committee has applied to the Army Dress Committee to have the Hammer & Pincers CS95 rank slides officially adopted. They've had the verbal go ahead and are just waiting for the rubber stamp. There's a contract sat on the back burner to manufacture the new rank slides which will have an NSN and become an issued bit of kit. They won't have REME on the bottom and as for the applicability issue, I think that remains as per the May 09 Crafty.
  7. The article in the Crafty is balls. It contradicts the instruction that DEME (A) sent out in March and lists that Hammer and Tongs can be worn on Number 4 dress which is for ruperts only.

    I'm standing by for a correction in Junes Mag (and wearing my Hammer & Tongs on 95s in the meantime).
  8. No mate, I passed my PAAB and tiffy course with relative ease, I've been a titty for a while now thank you for asking. The one thing I didn't get taught was how to use the psell check funktion.

    I was enquiring on behalf of my young toms.
  9. As a VM I was always irritated that I would have to remove my Hammer n Tongs if I was promoted to Sgt.
    When I was promoted to Sgt I was livid. I only had 3 bare stripes on my arm whereas the woodentops had trade badges all over the place. Still, in one way we were distinctive. Our capbadge proved that.
    I always believed that Titties should have had a Titty Badge of their own, instead of filching the Class A Tradesmens distinctive Trade Badge. But then, it wasn't their fault I suppose, just some lazy s*d on the Corps Dress Committee who couldn't be arsed to devise a distinctive badge because there was a good one already in use.
  10. Have just noticed the name of the guy that wrote the article in the Crafty.

    Maj Bowman, mmm bit of a pun required there I think.

    Quote ...
    "As a communications tool the bowman system makes a fantastic wheel chock".
  11. If i were you nut-strangler, I would look at changing your username fella. The nut-strangler caused alot of unrest in these-here parts a short time ago. Just a suggestion is all...........
  12. Thank you for your advise, it is duly noted. :?
    The very few posts I have made in this forum have been worth while, and the last thing I want to do I hack people off. :oops:

    I do have a satirical out look on life sometimes, (which has come from a long and quite varied life) and perhaps when you get a little older son shine you may also change your out look. :roll:

    I have however nothing to worry about. All I have done is raised a question that is close to my heart, and had a little dig at someones sir name.
  13. As a knuckle dragging Recy Mech, I've always found it quite amusing when the other trades start bickering over who can and can't where the hammer and tongs. My own personal opinion, which is shared by many of my brethren, is that it should be reseved solely for those of the stiffy persuasion; if only to distinguish them from normal, working people. Imagine my horror upon discovering in this months Corps Comic that I am expected to wear one as well.

    I'd rather take an AGAI..............and probably will. At the end of the day it's just another bloody badge. It doesn't make you any better at your job and if you think you need to display a badge to show everyone else what you're good at then maybe you should think about re-trading to the Scouts. (Girl Guides for Techs, obviously.)

    Looking forward to replies.....and abuse!