Hammer and Tongs Badge

Discussion in 'REME' started by Mike_2817, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. Can someone explain to me just who wears the 'Hammer & Tongs' Trade Badge? Is it just Tiffys, or do Junior Ranks wear it as well?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    In the Tech world, you don't get it until you achieve SSgt(Artificer), after a very hard slog.

    However, I have come across quite a few Juniors (VM'A' mostly) wearing it, some often LCpls.

    I Have never questioned why they were wearing the badge, but (having a think about this!) what does the Artificer Vehicles course get you? If LCpls are already wearing the badge?
  3. I was always led to believe that juniors wore the hammer and tongs to show they were Class 1 tradesmen,as a SGT has to take it off

    Edited to add, if this is not making much sense,it`s late, long day, fridge full of cold tins ......
  4. In the army in general, most trade badges are removed on promotion to Sergeant. (Ammo Techs being one exception to the rule) But the use of the Hammer & Tongs by Artificer S/Sgts to WO1 ASM's has always puzzled me since the same badge is as you say worn by Junior Rank VM's

    Do Artisan S/Sgts or WO's wear the badge at all?
  5. Will ask the AQ and Tiffy tomorrow, see if a definitive answer is forthcoming
  6. Nice one T-A-M. nice to see the regs used to settle a matter, no need for 400 posts of opinions on this one.
  7. Many thanks. That answers it clearly and to the point
  8. Oh come on Nige...the 400 opinions would have made interesting reading!!! You always were a stickler for definitive answers to problems though weren't you??? Hope you're doing well mate...GUNS GUNS GUNS :D
  9. So not allowed on coveralls or combats then, i assume that includes rank slides and brassards.
  10. Yeah have done Nige but i couldnt see anything that contradicts this,

    Hammer and pincer badge not listed under the exceptions.

    Whilst wearing No.8 dress JSP 336 (3rd Edition) does mention that badges of rank are to be worn on the epaulette. However there is no mention of badges of appointment (which the tiffies hammer and pincer badge is).

    So gents 'get them off'. :D
  11. oops double post
  12. In the 60 & 70's i wore hammer & Tongs above my corporal stripes on my No 2's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yeah i do that now, its allowed.