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Discussion in 'REME' started by Just_Another_TA, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Which trades are entitled to wear the Hammer and Pincer qualification badge and at what level of trade?

  2. JSP 336 Vol 12 part 3 pam 15 - check it out here:

    In summary: Minimum Class 2 tradesmen (Metalsmith, Armourer, VM Inst Techs) up to and including Corporals.

    Artificers wear it to, but not as a qualification - it's an appointment badge for them.
  3. Cheers for that Nige

    I had looked at the JSP but could not find the part about 'min class 2'.

    So I take from that that it is a trade badge for Cpls and below and an apointment badge for Tiffys, so should not be worn by Stripeys?
  4. Technically stripeys shouldn't wear them, however they do with the HCR to differentiate between LSgt & Sgt....
  5. Nige What do they wear in Aus?????
  6. Nothing in cams, no qual badges are worn - everyone is 'uniform' in appearance - imagine that - no daft jumpers, stable belts and TRFs..

    In mess dress, once a tradesman is fully qualified for WO2 they wear a Hammer and Pincer badge.

    One of the promotion courses you do is the Artificer course (Subject 4 for WO) - 3 months long, all engineering based. You also do 3 other courses covering Logistics, military skills and education.
  7. If you check with Arborfield you will find that shortly ONLY "SSgt Artificers" will be entitled to wear the "Hammer & Tongs", sorry to all the armourers and other black hand real trades that will no longer be entitled to wear them but hey thats life!!
  8. Whys that!!! :frustrated:

    It is after all only an appointment badge for tiffies, but a qualification badge for artisan trades.
  9. Nige is it good in Aus?
  10. Used to see the craftys who finished their basic VM courses in Bordon as class 2 walking about with them sewn onto their jerseys. Presumably they were suitably slapped about when they arrived at their first posting until the badges came off!
  11. I know that some Hammer and Pincers badges were bought from the High St, shop in Bordon, but at what point were these badges oficially issued to a Cfn?
    Was it while waiting in Admin Wing to be posted?
  12. Here's a poser,

    According to 1 set of dress regs 'ARMR SGT' is an appointment, so are we entitled to wear the said 'tongs above stripes?

    Or according to other reliable sources, 'Once you reach SGT the badge drops to your right cuff'

    Both sound suspect to me but all answers appreciated. I've worked to hard at trade, just for tiffys to nick a badge 'just because they're special'!!!! :meditate: Makes me and probably many of my fellow TRADESMAN a tad peeved to say the least. :frustrated:
  13. Badges of appointment are detailed in para 11 of the link above, only Artificers wear the hammer and pincer as an appointment.

    JSP 336 is clear that employment badges are worn up & including the rank of Cpl.

    The fact you've worked hard at trade is shown by your promotion to Sgt. If you want to wear a hammer & pincer so badly, revert to Cpl....

    Remember most Artificers are Tradesmen - you don't magically lose your skills on completion of course...
  14. Remember most Artificers are Tradesmen - you don't magically lose your skills on completion of course...[/quote]

    Are you sure???? :mrgreen: