Hammamet- Tunisia

Discussion in 'Travel' started by supermatelot, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Went as a kid 25 years ago..going there on Sunday. Weather forecast is shite but nevermind...

    Read lots of reviews on tripadvisor etc and the general gist seems to be that Russians dominate the place and that they are worse than the infamous 'Brits on the piss'.

    Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not - either about the place or about the Russians?

    Also, Missus wants to buy spices such as saffron out there..is it allowed to bring stuff like that back here?

  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Tunisia has a huge amount to offer, don't be tied to one place, Hammamet is but a beginning.

    As for the Doris, I'm not aware of any restrictions on spices so wouldn't be too worried.

    Look out for Dougga, you won't be dissapointed, the effort to visit is well worth it, and take a picknick, you'll likely be the only people there and it is an amazing place. Dougga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It really is empty.

    Edited as I put in the french entry for Dougga, you have Carthage and El Jem too, enjoy, its a great place.
  3. Cheers Ord, looking at the link now.
  4. Nothing much will have changed. Be prepared for food poisoning, filthy streets, feral cats running wild in Hotel dining areas unchecked. Only thing I enjoyed was going down to the sahara, lovely hotel in middle of no where with a massive courtyard swimming pool, other than that wouldn't go again.
  5. Haven't been there for a few years but I remember that it was the first place that we encountered Russian tourists in any numbers. All I can say is, 'vile, vile people to a man'. Rude, boorish, loud and obnoxious. The concept of queuing, for example at a buffet in a hotel restaurant, was absolutely alien to them. There don't seem to be many in this part of the world so perhaps they have improved since then - I doubt it though.

    If the weather is gash the console yourself with the fact that alcohol is freely available in Tunisia. I would highly recommend trying an excellent local Red wine called Vieux Magon, it really can be very good.

    Oh - and there is no bother about bringing spices etc. back to the UK
  6. Cheers,

    Is moderate use of "La shukran" & "Imshi" needed there as well?
  7. El Jem, well worth a visit. They filmed gladiator there.

    DOn't forget Luke SKywalkers house (now a hotel) and somewhere beginning with Monastair (?) which they used as the Roman fort that Brian wrote 'Romans Out' badly in Latin (Monty Python's Life of Brian).

    Hammamet wasn't to bad when I visited 7 years ago. No idea if it has taken a nose dive.

    See if you can get a desert safari. Well worth it.
  8. The train is cheap and convenient for getting up to Tunis and can be used for going to El Jem. The site of Carthage is a 5 minute bus ride from Tunis rail station. Sousse has an excellent museum in an 8th century fort The Sousse medina is good for spices leather et al but it can be a bit of a full on experience I would echo the advice about visiting the fort at Monastir ( Train to Sousse, metro to Monastir) So far I've spotted the tower where Brian fell and was picked up by a space ship and the "He's not a messiah he's a very naughty boy" balcony. The Russians tend to be a summer problem. There were very few there last January. Western drink Scotch or Gin is very expensive so I would recommend stocking up in the duty free on the way out to Tunisia. The wine is however quite palatable. I tend to stay in Sousse but if you have any more specific inquiries please PM me
  9. Good advise above

    If you fancied a bit of extra adventure try the "Lizard Rouge " train trip and sit back with a Gin and tonic and enjoy the scenery, also visit the Salt Lakes and buy some desert roses (not the the sort that we have seen in Iraq and the Stan!) and if you get the chance get out to see the underground buildings that where filmed in Star Wars.