Hamilton wins world title!

No ! The stewards or the Ferrari KGB have yet to complain about something or other... Don't count your chickens until they've hatched. Sceptical ain't I ?!
Will Hamilton rub it in with the look what im shagging tonight aswell.

Having just missed last year,glad to see that he just made it this year.Well done that man!
well done and all that however i'm sure we'll have some whining from Ferrari and Massa....

and the fact his life has no change on mine i bid him fair well and ask does he ever dream of stagging on???
I think the best moment of this F1 season, was watching the ferrari muppets joyously celebrating, then realising that they actually looked like a bunch of muppets.

Not 5 minutes earlier did i say to my dad, that ferrari were going to lose it all, because of their engineer who was originally from Middlesbrough.

Raise your glasses to Glock!
He owes his mate Glock a beer or two
Initially I didn't want Lewis to win but the way in which he won the race at the death now has me singing his praises. Well done mate. Best bit of sport on TV for a long time. lewis for SPOTY surely.
I was howling when the Ferrari crew were celebrating and suddenly learned they had lost. :D
Bitter? :)

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