Hamilton may be negative for F1

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/7070564.stm

    Is it my fevered imagination, or is Mosley doing everything he can to ensure Hamilton's experience of F1 is entirely negative?
  2. I can't understand any of these attacks on a sporting figure, never mind one so young and succesful

    There appears to be more back room stuff going on than ever before. like the boxing, all money and politics
  3. Max Moseley is a tw@t of the highest order.

    He must be a fully paid up member of the tifosi. It was mad max who initiated the witch hunt against Mclaren for allegedly handling sensitive Ferrari technical data.

    I'd trust Ron Dennis more than i could throw mad max and the poison dwarf Bernie Ecclestone. The pair of them are a complete to$$ers who F1 could do without.
  4. Strange isn't it that from 2000 to 2006,McLaren were crap,then in 2007 they build a winning car?

    Couldn't be that they had to paint over the "Bright Red" bits,eh Ron? :lol:
  5. Heard Mosley's comments yesterday on 'defending Ferrari's IC" and the consequences if McLaren dared use anything that even smelt like their technology. "they can start the season with negative points like they do in the Italian football league"

    At which point this started to smell worse that the inside of a drivers piddle-pak at the South African GP.

    "Maxi! Maxi! They are-a using 4 wheels, justa like we have ona Ferrari"

    Mosley is coming across as anti-Hamilton and hitting McLaren is a bonus. I am almost conviced that Mosley simply doesn't want Hamilton in F1, and he'll hurt his team till they sack him.
  6. Utter rubbish, I wouldn't have bothered watching F1 this year had it not been for Hamilton.
  7. Me neither.....although I used to love F1, it did get a bit boring when Schumacher won everything.
  8. Yes, it'll prove in spite of your best efforts, Hamilton has the skill and talent to overcome and win. Which will be a huge draw.

    In fact the more I read Mosley's comments, the less sense they make, and they didn't make any sense in the first place.
  9. You know I thought that Max Mosley was just a coincedental namesake.

    Seems not though.

    I am not for one second insinuating that Hamiltons skin colour and Moselys heritage have any bearing on this situation.

    Just thought it was interesting.
  10. To be fair to Max Moseley, all the evidence to date is that he's not his father's son in regard to views on race.

    However, he loathes Ron Dennis and appears to be allowing his personal feelings to over-ride his professional position. He wouldn't have uttered a word of this 18 months ago when it appeared that the big car firms involved were about to walk away from F1 and start up their own F1 type series, without the interference of the FIA.
  11. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I find it ironic that someone turns up in the sport that has essentially gone against the grain and they say that he may have a negative effect.

    No personal fortune to fund his way into F1 - just sheer bloody hard work and a very clever talent scout at Maclaren.

    The first, dare I say it, ethnic driver from Europe - as if that matters - only to the press.

    A talented young man who is not a media whore.

    What is the real reason? Is it because the FIA fear a fundamental change to their power base? People would also note that our dear Liarbour supporter Bernie Ecclestone said publicly at the Brazilian Grand Prix that he did not want Lewis Hamilton to win. What is his agenda? Longevity of Hamilton....I think not, rather that the new boy has put a large 32" adjustable in the works of the FIA committee's plan, perhaps......
  12. Par for the course in this country, doing something well can never be good.
  13. Now, If he drove for Ferrari, the FIA would be hailing him as the new messiah, after all the FIA dont mind who wins the constuctors trophiy, as long as its Ferrari
  14. The Ferrari power base within F1 just gets better and better, reportedly when Mad Max steps down from the FIA the other tifosi to$$pot Jean Todt assumes the helm. By that stage i reckon that Mclaren will be hounded back to lawnmower racing or something similar. Maybe Ross Brawn should ready his CV.

    What's the betting that had the fuel irregularities happened in the Mclaren garage then they would have probably been fined another 50 million. I wonder what the ferrari back hander is.
  15. Sir Jackie Stewart has called for Mosley`s resignation accusing him of making decisions 'detrimental' to F1, accussing him of having an anti McLaren agenda.