Hamid Karzais half-brother assassinated.

What a shithole.
You see, its not all doom and gloom in the news today.
I think his half brother was a goat and they ate him, so I wouldn't be too perturbed.
Oh dear, i am concerned, but never mind! The dahlias need watering and we're running out of tea, does anyone fancy a game of 3 card bragg?
Another dealer trying to take over his manor?
Tut Tut!, and now the Shipping forcast for today, Monday.............................................North Utseera
The bodyguard done it.
He was on telly last week, some Canadian woman, who is married to an Afghan, doing a tour around the country and having lunch with him. A "can-do" warlord with a finger in everything and at risk from all other warlords, Taliban, drug trafficers, etc..

Afghanistan: The Unknown Country
Clip here;
BBC News - Afghan president's brother, Ahmad Wali Karzai, killed

A good programme, but maybe some could do without a guide. It's probably still on the I Player thing.

I can grasp most things, but am baffled by the reasons for the UK having forces in this god-forsaken country.


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well it will be interesting if it kicks off there in a power struggle
OH DEAR, HOW SAD, NEVER MIND, wheres "Afghan kandak" when you need him :)


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" ... assassinated: live" doesn't seem quite right.
Long time lurker, but felt compelled to post after reading some of the 'opinions' on this thread.

Any of you f*cking tubes due a HERRICK any time soon? Be good to see you out here when the lid comes off the Kandahar/the south. He may have been a b*stard, but he was our b*stard - if you don't understand what's going on, why bother posting sh*te? You can guarantee ISAF will cop a load now.
Apologies, of course, to those who posted more considered opinions and not the 'oh dear never mind' one line drivel variety. I assume you're probably the ones who are actually, er, you know, in the Army.

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