Hameln mess life?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Phoenix_Rising, May 7, 2006.

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  1. Evening all.
    Was wondering if anyone could tell me what the mess life and night life is like in Hameln? Im a PO and have my attachment there and was wondering how much should i be looking at in bringing in funds? ie for the old urine but also anything else i might be able to do in the area (although having said that i have no idea what ill be doing when im there, so feel free to enlighten.)

    Also as a sub topic, leaving school forever in a few weeks and need some help with a prank. I have a team assembled and am using the Good book as a guide. The Ten Plagues will be visited upon the school, and we have most of them down and ready except the plague of frogs and the plague of gnats. Any ideas will be appreciated + photos of the event will be posted. I've only asked about the pranks because figure you guys are experienced in this area.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum so feel free to move, and look foward to the abuse/help

    Cheers P_R
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't locusts a little on the scarce side in Blighty at this time of year?

    People might take a rather dim view of you going around killing the first born child of every one of the teachers too. :?

    Please elaborate also on how you're going to a) inflict boils on everyone, b)infect livestock without the local farmers getting sand in their crack and c) create a hailstorm.

    It would seem to me that getting hold of a few frogs and flies is the easiest part of the jape.
  3. OK we have had to be a little bit abstract with our planning.
    1)The blood will be simply red food dye in the toilet system and water coolers
    2) Flies will be flyers- with random stuff on
    3) Boils is gonna be capturing the younger years and drawing /sticking them on b4 letting them run free (they are the livestock of schools"
    4) locusts, we are hoping to get from a pet store or sumthing, but havent checked on this one yet
    5) the livestock will be loads of inflatable sheep in the teachers private littel garden
    6) Hail- confetti bomb in the hall over the teachers (they sit under a stage with lighting etc above them hidden by curtains)
    7) when siad bomb goes off we execute the "Death of the 1st born", or kidnapping the head boy
    8) Darkness will be cutting power to the lights in the school giving us ample time to escape
  4. I think you should stay for another year, and learn how to punctuate and spell.
  5. Ok, asides from pointing out spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes as i know seems to be a favourite here, any ideas/info about Hameln?
  6. Fruit flies could work as a gnat sustitute.

    You might have to use crickets as a substitute for locusts- in which case, getting them live and releasing them in somewhere like the library can work wonders. (As happened in UCLA's Young Research Library library the week before finals, a couple of years ago.) Alternatively a chemical defoliant could give the impression that the place had been visited by locusts.

    Surely frogs can be acquired fairly easily though? If they're dead, leave them around- the flies will follow.
  7. An ad in a French newspaper offering free acccomodation, should give you a plague of frogs.
  8. ...and you'll have no shortage of flies around if you kill them.
  9. :lol: I like this idea, but killing French people might be considered cruelty to Animals
  10. With a plan as devious and elaborate as that, i think you should expect a visit from the security services (either that or a severly pissed off janitor! :D )
  11. I know this is dangerously on-topic, but ... I left Hameln about 5 years ago but some things never change; the town is pretty good and the Mess is normally very busy. Unless there's been a change it remains the largest Regt in the job, with about 1000 on the ORBAT (CR-tastic!) so there's a suitably large Mess which means there's always someone at the bar.

    The town tends to be left to the boys, although there's normally a bar where the officers hide out. This'll tend to be the weekends, although if you're the new boy the blokes will almost certainly kidnap you and drag you into town to 'show you a good time' (ahem). The Mess bar is pretty cheap, and German beer prices are still way better than the UK. That said, you'll probably drink more so take as much cash as you can. No suprises there then!
  12. Cheers Pin_Man, has been info i've been looking for. Don't suppose you know what kind of activities i might be doing there or is this a bit of a wah?

    Cheers, PR
    (PS, any grammar/spelling Nazis out there im severly hungover so sorry about b*ll*cks spelling etc)
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    You could try posting something on the Sapper site (since you wil be going to a Sapper unit there). Or you could get in touch with the adjutant of the Regiment, or the 2IC of whichever squadron you are going to and find out.