Hamburger Hill

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by young_lofty, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Starting at 2215hrs on Ch 5 tonight, for anyone interested!
  2. I watched that again tonight for the umpteenth time, I often wonder if men who went through that close quarter hell ever had a full night's sleep the rest of their lives? It would bound to come back to you every night, :(
  3. Interesting comment.

    I use the Veterans Health Care system here in Seattle--it's just excellent.

    There are quite a few PTSD groups at the Mental Health Clinic dedicated solely to Vietnam veterans, guys in the 50's and 60's who still suffer emotionally. EDIT: And a growing number of groups dedicated to Iraq veterans as I found out yesterday.
  4. Virgil
    I worked with young yanks in Handorf Germany also at kaiserslauten in the mid sixties,they used to filter away to V/nam and I often wonder how many of those guys made it home? not many I suspect. It's funny how you start to think like this as you get older.
  5. I grew up as a military brat on Army bases and remember seeing soldiers coming back and leaving for Vietnam as a child at Fort Lewis in Washington state.

    I recall those leaving had their bags lined up dress right dress and seemed pensive. Those returning carried their stuff like they were on a leisurely country stroll and looked relaxed as hell.

    My father did a tour there in the mid-sixties, I barely remember the coming/going part. He was a career soldier so when he returned it was to more Army life and a stint in Italy/Livorno-Pisa.

    He had what we here in the states call 'issues' with temper and emotional volatility. How much was because of Vietnam or simply because he was an ass**** I can't say.