Hamas win the Palestian Election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jailorinummqasr, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Palestian PM Quits - Hamas to form new government

    PTP you called it yesterday.

    Whilst not overly happy with the result. The Israeli’s and Fattah can only blame themselves:

    Fattah is corrupt and ineffective, this has been compounded by Israel decision to dismantle the Palestinian Security Services. Meanwhile, Hamas has been providing work, social security, education and healthcare throughout the OT. Add to this the barrier and regular closures of the W Bank and Gaza by Israel the result is more poverty and more people turning to Hamas.

    The key questions are:

    1. Can Hamas turn things around economically?
    2. Can Hamas overtime find a way meeting with Israel/US and EU/UK?
    3. Can the EU/US/UK/Isreal find someway of dealing Hamas?
    4. Can Kaddima win an outright majority in the Israeli election?

    Editted cos i is a window licker!
  2. 'The people have chosen, the bastards.'

  3. Adolph Hitler was elected in fact, by a minority. He seized absolute power not by will of the German people, but through usurpation of the Constitutional process.

    Here we have an organization which states that it flatly denies the right of the state of Israel to exist; which conducts attacks upon the Jewish people, not just military organizations but civilian targets, and which, if it had its way, would force the entire Jewish population of Israel to either learn to swim, or die.

    The Palestinian people just handed their Nazis an overwhelming victory.

    I can spare a bit of sympathy for the Germans whose houses were firebombed, who had never voted for nor supported the Nazi party.

    Just how many Palestinians deserve my sympathy?

    More to the point, what does the civilized world do about this? Some have asked if we will "learn to deal with them". Uhhh, I thought we learned that in 1939-1945. How soon we forget.
  4. YL,

    It is all very good saying - no deals with Hamas etc and they are Nazi Scum etc.

    The point I was making is that the Israelis (and the west) have to take some blame for letting the genie out the bottle and that much of the blame rests with Fatah. They have been elected whether you or I like it or not. They had support of about 50% of their people. What should we do about it?

    Getting angry and calling them Nazi's does not change the situation the ground and is everyone in Israel/Palestine going to sit in limbo for 4 years until the next election.

    Hamas need to prove that they get rid of corruption and bring stability to the OT before anything else. Perhap we should wait and see....
  5. jailors points are most erudite, Hammas provides almost all worthwile education within the OT - both religious and secular, it provides a 'welfare state' in terms of medical care and financial help, and its seen by most palestinians as reasonably honest and without its hands in the tin.

    Fatah in contrast is seen as weak, ineffectual and horribly corrupt.

    Hamas does disgusting things to people you don't like and educates your kids and looks after your elderly mother, Fatah acheives very little on the 'national question' and robs you blind while providing SFA in terms of government services. which would you vote for?

    could Hamas now be on the same road as SF over the water, having found that political violence and politics are mutually uncompatable and that in time Hamas will become the administrator of Israeli control - just more competantly (for the moment) than Fatah?
  6. I was interested to hear a US State Department spokesman on the wireless this morning spouting about how Hamas' victory would be difficult for the US to manage, as they have a policy of not dealing with terrorists. Why don't the just treat them like those who are/were members of Irgun, Stern and SinnFein/IRA, all of whom they seem to be managing to deal with just fine.

  7. Sounds very much like the Nazis. Hitler was the toast of Europe (and the US for that matter...TIME Magazine's Man of the Year twice...)for having turned around the German economy, replacing the weak, ineffectual Hindenburg government with a government which "provided a 'welfare state' in terms of medical care and financial help, and its seen by most Germans as reasonably honest and without its hands in the tin." The Nazis also, "did disgusting things to people you didn't like and educates your kids and looks after your elderly mother"
  8. YL

    Yes HAMAS are Nazi Scum.....what is YOUR solution/approach to this result......?

    Cynical old me, is waiting for 2000lb JDAM answer! 8O
  9. Irgun and Stern are loooong since defunct.

    Given that your own government has given official diplomatic recognition to Sinn Fein, I'm not sure why we shouldn't follow your lead. Not that I'm fond of the IRA, but if Whitehall has decided not to prosecute war upon them anymore, I'm not entirely sure why the US Gov't should go all Don Quixote and commence hostilities.

    Are you requesting that we land a Marine Expeditionary Brigade in Belfast, and commence FIBUA ops? I'm not sure how HM Gov't would respond to that....

  10. I'm suggesting that the best course of action for MY government would be to tell the Palestinian people: You've made your decision, and we've made ours. Good luck with your duly-elected criminal leadership. Give us a ring when you've kicked them out."

    And then butt the Hell out while Israel handles its problem. I'm rather tired of our hypocritical criticisms of Israeli actions, whilst engaging in military actions against terrorists who tee *us* off.

  11. Another way to look at HAMAS's success is that under the pressure from Israeli's uncompromising hardline approach the Palestinians have found a hard line efficient orgnaisation of their own. It may serve them better than the inefficient corrupt Fatahand an acceptance of a ghetto existance?

    I don't agree with terrorists or their tactics, but I can see how it may have appeal for the Palestinians.

    What precisily do you expect the Palestinians to vote for? A party that promises nothing by aquiescence
  12. "Israeli's hardline approach?" Have you been watching the news the last few *years*??? Israel has been giving away huge amounts of land for peace. Hell, Barak tried to give Arafat everything but the kitchen sink a few years ago, and Arafat's dumb ass refused the incredible concessions offered. Presumably, he'd only have been happy had the entire Jewish population committed mass sepuku. :roll:

    Sorry, the Israelis have been bending over backwards to achieve a peaceful solution. The Pals have voted for war.

    Let them have it.

  13. YL,

    Trust me I have no issues with Israel, I was rasied to beleive that they held the moral high ground. What I saw of Intafarda I (1992-1993) whilst living their taught me that the Israeli's really don't have any right to claim the moral high ground. Notwithstanding that, I do beleive that they have a right of existence.

    I think that an outright victory for Hamas may be a very good thing longer term. For Hamas to be succesfully they need to improve Sy and the Economy. They can acheive the first on their own but the second require a degree of engagement with Israel and the rest of the world. Therefore the moderates will have to contain the extremists.

    We will see
  14. if the Israeli/Palestinian issue didn't affect you i'm sure that your suggestion would be the correct response.

    however, since that issue pulls at the heartstrings of most of the Islamic world - and as we see - every time a heartstring is pulled some politically retarded youth flies a plane into a New York skyscraper, walks into a Tel Aviv resteruant with 20lbs of HE strapped to him or puts a car bomb into a Baghdad petrol station then perhaps another way at looking at the issue needs to be found.

    you need to find a solution that ensures Israels continued existance and yet removes those upset with Palestinian - or any other Islamic - living and political conditions from the 'hotheads' who won't be satisfied with anything but total victory. once you have provided - or ensured - reasonable living and political conditions you will find your pool of enemies draining, and as we all know, killing a fish thats washed up on the beach is easier than trying to catch it in 30ft of water.

    everytime a Palestinian family is short of food, or held up at a checkpoint for a day in the roasting sun, it adds to the pool of those illdisposed to you.

    when putting out a fire, most people use water - they also use a rake to remove as much combusable materiel fron the fires path as possible, it means less fire and less water.
  15. Giving back the Palestinians their own land?


    1945 - "Sorry Adolf old chap you will have to give Poland huge amounts of land for peace"....

    Greater Israel = The biggest elephant in the room