Hamas plans to attack U.S. targets in the Middle East

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1546101,00.html

    Indeed Hamas is now in a very difficult situation. For many reasons (including the Lebanese war) Israeli-Palestinian conflict is now in the shadow. Regular killings, IDF's raids are going almost unnoticed. Further strickes against Israel would be ineffective and senseless.

    So the decision is logical. Hamas captured Israeli soldier and in return dozens (if not hundreds) of Palestinians have been killed. But suppose that Hamas would capture American soldiers in Iraq and demand something. Unlikely USAF would bomb Gaza or WB and Israel would not have a moral right to use its military force.

    It would be a serious problem for our American friends.
  2. All I'll say is good luck to them.

    The Americans will retaliate and it will be severe. We all know this because they cannot let any action go unpunished as it serves as an example to the rest of the world.

    The US have never really been that arrsed about polictical situations when it comes to anti - terror operations so I doubt that they are about to start worrying now. And im sure Israel would give support to any US airstrikes maybe even using their airfields if it is against Hamas.
  3. Suppose that the Palestinians capture American soldier(s). As we know thay are skilled enough for such an operation. What would pres.Bush do in this situation?

    I'm not sure that USAF would bomb Palestinian territories.
  4. If they do, it will be yet another proof of Kissinger's dictum that "The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity".

    If an individual person acted as self-destructively as do the Palestinians, s/he would be institutionalized for his/her own protection. :roll:
  5. Mr.Kissinger said it being well aware the the Palestinians hadn't and haven't now any real opportunities at all. Maybe they would be allowed to have bantustans, no more.

    Btw, it appears that namely mr.Kissinger is a demiurge of the Iraqi war. Looking at how it goes one can point out a remarkable feature: the insurgents haven't captured POWs. But other anti-American forces could capture POWs in the near future. So I believe special measures should be taken to prevent incidents of this sort.

    Returning to the Palestinians, it should be said that they have nothing to lose and it is a very dangerous position.
  6. One question.

    Why would Hamas consider this action?
  7. PTP, if something goes wrong, if efforts are resultless then it is a good cause to change at least tactics (if not a strategy).

    As I have noted before, Hamas have nothing to lose. What options they have now? Too few. Effect from possible new terror acts would be rather negative for the Palestinians. When the last terror act in Israel had happened? At least not recently. But why? Maybe the Palestinians are moralists now? Unlikely. Terrorisms against Israel is counterproductive for the Palestinians and at last they inderstand it.

    After the Lebanese war they realised that their home-made Qassams are not a real threat to Israel, that their military actions are rather symbolic in comparison with Hezbollah's actions.

    So what? Sit and wait for new Israeli raids and killings? A year, 5 years, 20 years, forever? Actions against American interests in the ME is not so senseless move as it looks from the first glance.

    Few American POWs in the hands of Hamas would be their trumps. The Palestinians could say: we were promised our independent state in 2005. And what? So, we would release the prisoners then our state would be really established. It is possible to forget about false promises but captured soldiers are another matter. They would not be forgotten and any future American president would face the same questions: are Palestinian demands fair and when our boys would be released?

    Technically the capture of American soldiers in Iraq is possible. So the article in The Time is not absolutely groundless.
  8. Where you've been pal? Tell that to the North Koreans who are even at the moment slapping themselves on the back at the "success" of their nuclear policies.
  9. I am always abit unsure of replies when someone says they will attack in the mid-east... Please understand that there are more than two countries in the mid-east and I live in one of the other places which (the last time I checked) is in the mid-east, which is welcoming to the western forces.. Why if Hamas consider doing this in your view, are their actions only applicable to Iraq or a country nearby.. Before the questions arrive, yes I am still serving but not in an operational area.. Although I understand that there is more information leaving the countries mentioned... why do you consider the rest of us not a target for Hamas action?
  11. DD maybe..but glad not to bea target..but..with the current situation, if you are in the mid-east and speak English you are classed as an American..That must mean I am safe where I am.. because my French is ok..mon amie..
  12. You do raise very legitimate fears.I am a frequent visitor to the region and it always unnerves me the ease with which westerners advertise their presence on the streets.(I've seen people in Uncle Sam's hats and Union Jack colors etc). Makes me wonder how soon till some mullah figures out that there are easier targets outside Iraq and Palestine.

    Keeping a low profile will keep you alive.
  13. In Quwait or Qatar the (imagianry) operation would be more difficult to perform it. Lawlessnes in Iraq is an almost ideal cover. Though who knows? Recently female American officed missed in Kyrgyzstan. Btw, there are still Mulim extremist forces in this country.

    What can I say? God save you, be carefull.