Hamas in full control of Gaza

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/6755299.stm
  2. So it begins....just where did Hamas get all that new kit and body armour?
  3. Having spent all my 20 plus years at tactical rather than strategic level I don't assume the mantle of expert in international matters but like most of us old sweats I get "a funny feeling" about things like this. It seems to me that what these psychopaths are doing is destroying any credibility the Palestinian cause may have begun to develop (don't they have the same claim to nationhood as the Israelis?). They are doing an excellent job of making Israels stance on the whole Palestine issue look balanced, well thought out and reasonable. The cynic in me wonders if this is part of someone elses greater scheme! What say you fellow Khaki Brains?
  4. Iran.

    No matter what concessions are made to the Palestinian side, Israel cannot earn the benefit of the doubt on any question.

    The motives of Hamas, whose charter mandates the destruction of the state of Israel, are assumed to be as pure as the driven snow.

    Its a very curious moral inversion of the type I'm nearly certain befuddles the mind of Israelis who ponder this question. What must they think?

    If there are any Israeli members of Arrse, I'd like to hear from them.
  5. Two days ago an Israeli member of Arrse said this was going to happen , well he said a war was coming soon.
  6. I watching it on the telly. Blood stains were seen throughout the compound.

    Then report went live to the West Bank. As the reporter was talking, a file cabinet landed on the street behind him. So, I guess this means that the ceasefire failed (as did the previous 200 or however fecking many there have been).

    My heart goes out to the palestinians who have to endure this sh1t

    After my friend got back from israel last June, he told me something bad was going to happen in Lebanon. Turned out he was all too right
  7. No one has asked the only important question; how does this affect us?

    I like the Israelie's, but they're big enough and ugly enough to fight their own battles. I could'nt care less about the ragheads. So the only thing I want to know is - how does this affect British interests?
  8. Lipo seems to say that Israel is in a state of siege. I agree, they cannot relax with neighbours whose stated aim is their destruction. However, the Palestinians are in the same position as regards their quest for nationhood but without real territorial rights. If Israel can be a nation state why not Palestine? Surely they both have similar historical (biblical) claims. The only answer must be equality and co-operation. My point is that what Hamas is doing is to make all Palestinians look like rabid lunatics and to destroy any developing credibility they may have. My question arising from what to us seems totally without reason is, are they doing this by their own design or is the situation being manipulated to anothers end?
  9. Seconded.

    I suspect there is 3rd party influence here, effectively using the situation as a further stick to beat-up the Israelis by keeping the area destabilised. I wonder who that would be then - Iran :?:
  10. good post. The answer, however, is hard to see through the smoke and ash of the holy land
  11. I mentioned this on another recent thread but the Pals did seek a 2 state solution now they have it: Gaza is controlled by Hamas & Judea / Samaria by Fatah!!
  12. "If Israel can be a nation state why not Palestine?"

    Indeed, why can it not? And this is up to whom, if not Palestinian arabs themselves? Why must the onus of responsibility for the existence of a Palestinian state remain with Israel? This bias appears to be widely accepted. I consider it absurd.

    I blame Palestinian arabs for electing jihadis to run its government, for remaining wedded to the medieval barbarism of suicide bombers and for retaining their visceral and stupid hatred for jews.

    I blame Iran for exporting its Islamic revolution and for importing all manner of weapons into Gaza to arm Hamas.

    All tentacles lead to Iran.
  13. Hamas..a group of loonies who want the destruction of Israel. now murdering their way into power.... Israel has lately been co-operative with Palestinians...and then this happens.

    Just goes to prove...There will never be peace with Arabs infighting next door to the Jewish Home land.
  14. Not much - perhaps the FCO will save on some of it's foreign aid donations??
  15. I doubt HAMAS will be "in full control of Gaza" for long. If I were the IDF, id say id just been given the perfect excuse to relocate the lot of them to the west bank.