Halton trg camp

Hi there, im at Halton in Lancaster on a matts wk end, does anybody know what its like...what to expect and do i need to take everything with me i.e field equip.This is my first matts since passing out... Cheers guys
Have you no admin order?

Take everything including civvies for a night out, bergan and CBRN kit.

Hi msr, and the answer is no.Just a call out with date,time and place i thought it strange myself as every other call out ive had has had a list of kit to bring with it.This ones a sqn matts weekend then i have another call out for next month for a regt matts which is 4 days long, again with no kit list so i presumed the four dayer would involve field admin?
Halton camp is a shit hole of the highest order. We spent a weekend there on the basic boat ops course, no hot water (and no one was interested in getting it fixed) and you can smell the toilets from the main gate. Food was good though.
halton Camp isnt bad but take all your kit cos you dont know which matts instructors will turn up but with sports kit you can always do pft and if you get out on saturday night Lancaster is a great night out cos its a Uni Town
Taxi numbers off the gate guard enjoy but you need to ask about the Admin order
Get a padlock, the lockers are almost all broken (or were two years ago). If you have one which can shut, you will at least be able to lock it.
I was last at Halton over 20yrs ago using it a base on the mainland for my Duke of Edinburghs Award final Gold Exped through the Trough of Bowland. It was a relief to leave the camp and be under canvas and cook for ourselves. Came back in 4 days later at 17 on pocket money saved and me & the chaps had a good run ashore in Lancaster & trapped off with with local girls. Trust me Rat Packs in the Hills taste nicer than awful food cooked by overweight civvies in the cookhouse at Halton. My best meal at Halton was a Pot Noodle & a Mars Bar avec ciggerate in the block.
What an awful place! Spent two whole weeks there a couple of years ago. Crap accomodation, no hot water, minging toilets and the food almost was abominable. I actually felt ill from the lack of veg. I ended up getting more salad on a kebab in Blackpool!

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