Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chazzer, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Possibly a bone question but in absence of a drill manual I can't find the answer....

    When coming to the position of attention from a halt the right arm cuts into the side from behind the body or in front?

    Also when numbering off should everyone (except right hand marker) have head and eyes to their right until they call out their number???

  2. Your at attention during a halt? And yes eyes right until calling out your number.
  3. Yeah, when you halt from quick march and obviously end up in the position of attention your right arm cuts into your side. But should it cut in from the front as you slam your right foot in or should your right arms last movement come from behind the body??
  4. Assuming your in the correct step it should come in from the front.
  5. Jesus, are the High School Cadets on holidays?
  6. When you halt the right arm cuts in from the front.

    The right marker looks straight ahead, there is no one for him to dress from.
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  8. It seems like were getting multiple active sockpuppets/spammers/***** every day.
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  9. Thought i had changed it, first time on ARRSE never used it and didnt know there was 2 sodding photo things.
  10. Non military of any sort - just researching so I can do you guys some service and make sure it's right!

    MTP - not on about dressing but numbering off.

    The little film footage / YouTube clips I've got show the right arm held into the side and still as the right foot stamps in - correct? Or the right arm cuts in from the front as the right foot stamps in (which I thought would be tick-tocking?)

    Promise that's the last ill ask for confirmation!