Halogen ovens - any hints, tips or tricks?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Pete_the_writer, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Recently bought myself a new toy, a Halogen oven.

    I'm very impressed. It cooks quickly - I did a 1 kg joint of pork last night in 50 minutes. It was cooked through and the crackling was excellent. The roast potatoes were cooked a treat, as well. Halogen ovens don't need to be pre-heated, so you don't waste time/electricity waiting for one to warm up to operating temperature.

    I did a frozen Chicken pie and frozen oven chips in 15 minutes.

    It seems to be a little bit like using a Slow Cooker, in that vegetables seem to take longer than meat. I'm not bothered at the moment, because I'll carry on using the microwave for veg.

    Once I've got used to doing all the things that I used to do, I'll buy a cook book. In the meantime, any hints, tips or tricks for using Halogen ovens?
  2. So how are you getting on with this miracle? The reason I ask is that I am now in possession of one (unwanted gift).
  3. I'd check out how much electric they use as I think it's quite a lot.
  4. Allegedly they are cheaper to run than a conventional oven but as of yet I have no experience.
  5. I don't pay for electricity, so might get one! Anything that'll add to my array of desktop cooking appliances as I avoid the cookhouse is great.
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    Spoken like a true Yorkshireman.
  7. Look after the pennies etc.

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  8. Penny? you've got a girlfriend?
  9. Pennies not Penny, polygamous fellow that he is.
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  10. I somehow don't see Jarrod as being polygamous at all.
  11. I thought there was only one N in that?
  12. Is this one of those jml glass bowl type affairs ? The wife bought one, so far I have used it to cook....jacket spuds, wedges ans jacket spuds.

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  13. Try cooking meat in a roasting bag...makes a cheapy chicken taste superb....par boil/microwave spuds then finish off in halogen cooker...swear by mine..
  14. I bought one a couple of years ago, 25 quid from Makro.

    It burned the top of the chicken, raw at the bottom and I nearly shat myself when it went off with a bang like a Nissan outside a Baghdad market.

    Took it back for a refund and went back to safer methods.

    Was it just a bad 'un then, do they actually work?
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    Are you totally thick?