Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Group_Captain_Mandrake, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have any useful info on the HALO Trust in terms of selection procedure and recruitment process? Any information on training and deployment as such?


  2. I approached the HALO trust in December 2005. I was offered a place by the Director - Guy Willoughby, but chose not to take it.

    There is a thread already on HALO... Dread offered a really good summary:

    Dread's thoughts closely match my own. I was extremely impressed when I visited them, but quite overawed to be honest.

    There were 5 guys on my visit, mostly ex-Army. All struck me as good guys. I was the only one offered a place. They have a clear idea about who they want - I wasn't sure that I could live up to it. One of the ex-HALO guys I contacted likened it to being a District Officer in the days of Empire - huge responsibility, far away from most comforts, for a long time with only a Wilfred Thesiger book and radio tuned to the World Service for company.

    I'm not afraid of hardship but I know my limits.

    I'm still thinking about NGO work. Like most ex-officers, I am wondering how to strike the balance between the two extremes of organisation:
    a) HALO, and similar "hands on" NGOs
    b) The more comfortable, politically-orientated, "right on" but relatively ineffective ones

    I realise that the above is a crude distinction.

    If you're thinking of NGO work generally I could put you in touch with a friend who worked for GOAL (an Irish NGO) in Pakistan before moving on to lucrative contract work for CARE around the place.

    Through The List I chatted to a couple of people who were ex-HALO. If you don't have a copy of the List CD then PM me and I'll pass their details on.

    Good luck.

  3. A good idea of HALO's approach is on their website, quoted below:

  4. Sad news for Halo, & Afghanistan: 6 deminers killed in Herat attack