Halo 3? Worth killing over?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Office_Linebacker, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. More here....


    Luckily mum was never silly enough to take halo 3 off me
  2. Standby for another round from one of the groups claiming video games create psycho killers!
  3. Fcuking hell! I mean Halo 3 was alright, but its no CoD4, no need to kill over it...utter c0ck excuse though, Halo is cartoonish and ridiculous, its no more violent then watching Star Wars, even the aliens blood is luminous rather then red, it does make you want to kill the aliens a lot, but I've clocked all 3 games and never felt more murderous toward real people then the average ARRSEr...
  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    To be fair on the lad, the missus has come very close to a new residence under the patio when she gets in the way of my nightly Call of Duty sesh.
  5. I have found i have had to calm down a bit on CoD, after buying a head set to abuse the young septic cnuts and threaten to rape their whole family. So i can see the young lads frustration.
  6. Oop dangerous territory...

    Completely agree though I mean killing over COD4 is fine but Halo 3... its not THAT great.
  7. The wife better hope that this lad goes down for his parent killing shenanigans otherwise ...........
  8. Computer games do change you.

    I remember in the late 80's my mother had to take away my NES because I spent all my spare time wearing dungarees, jumping on mushrooms, disappearing down drain pipes and rescuing princesses.

    Although, I do wonder why FIFA 09 is one of the top selling games of the past few months, but most kids who play it can't see their own feet?
  9. Ive just removed the kids copy of said game and am about to blame the dog for eating it. That way he gets the good news, not me and the Mrs.
  10. I don't want to say the parents are to blame, but, while I agree that games, films, programs do have an impact on people's psyche, parental input is still a key to kid's behaviour.
    Mine play Grand Theft Auto IV yet I never heard them use profane language...
  11. The phrase "Er, bollocks"

    Springs to mind.

    It's halo. It contains hardly any profanity, cartoonish violence, and, if I'm honest, isn't actually that good.

    Now, if it was FEAR, then I could understand it, but Halo?

    Sounds like utter bollocks, or the lad had some underlying mental problems. Frikkin septics.
  12. Bah! It's the usual bollox to try and get off with an insanity plea. And not the first time either.

    Atorneys coined the term "The Matrix Defense" for this kind of thing, after some other nutty teenager blatted his old man and step mum in a rage, then claimed he thought he was fecking Neo.