Hallucination Police Victim Arrested By Real Ones

From the Metro (UK):

In the annals of criminals unwisely tipping off the police about themselves ....a Minnesota man has broken fresh new ground - by calling the authorities to complain that he'd been chased up a tree by narcotics police.

Unfortunately for him, the drug cops were a figment of his imagination.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, when 30-year-old Jeremy Conrad Cornick climbed up a tree in St. Cloud, Minnesota, because he thought police officers were chasing him. Once up the tree, he decided to call the police to report that he'd been chased up a tree by the police.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found Cornick up the tree, clutching his mobile phone. However, there weren't any narcotics officers present.

The police determined that Cornick was hallucinating, due to the fact that he was under the influence of drugs.

The police then began the tricky task of convincing Cornick to come down from the tree. A task that was made slightly easier when Cornick lost his grip and fell out.

"Man calls cops on imaginary cops" April 26, 2007
Resisting all temptations to break into puns (finally coming down to earth with a bump) if I was up a tree, I would be clutching the tree not a mobile phone.

Great story and proof that truth is often stranger than fiction.

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