Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SgtSlaughter, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Been having a discussion with wife and asked a few others and am getting a mixed response.

    When I was young, if Hallowe'en fell on a Sunday as it does next week then we were to go out trick or treating on the Saturday as you can't have Hallowe'en on a Sunday.

    Now maybe it's a Scottish thing or possibly only in fairly religious communities (most people went to church a few times a year in my neighbourhood in the 80's)

    Anyone else ever heard of this?
  2. I don't know about that. All I know is that unlike the US, treating round here means money, with bigger kids waiting to take the cash, they turn their noses up at sweets...and trick means that the nasty little cunts throw raw eggs and flour over your car and windows if they don't get cash.

    My idea of a treat would be to smack them around the head until they are brain damaged.
  3. Impossible..... Their heads are non-vital organs.
  4. Halloween in Australia is a valuable training tool for single mothers. It enables the shiftless slags to get their little bastards used to sponging at an earlier age.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Whatever became of the fine old English Haloween traditions? Tramping the bare autumn fields with ones chums in search of a suitable turnip. Returning breathless, with ruddy faces and dirty hands, ones breath misting in the cold crisp air. Stuffing the turnip into a pair of Mams old tights and braying a Catholics dog over the head then stuffing a pole up its arse, dressing it up as the Pope and torching it?

    These days its all materialism.
  6. We were having a party at Hallowe'en two years ago when three little lovelies came to the door, dressed up in all the gear, shortie skirts, benders, the lot. (They can't have been more than thirteen/fourteen but you know what they look like at that age - a fair bit older, and with all that tarty bloody gear on too)

    My so called fucking bastard of a mate answers the door and they chorused "Trick or treat?"

    The dirty bastard shouts "Treat!!!"

    Just as I arrived at the door and clocked their mothers stood at the end of the path, dressed as witches, supporting their little girls going round the street trick or treating.
    Cue me doing some hefty explaining the next day as I denied all knowledge of the cunt, saying he'd gatecrashed the party.
    The bastard. Mates eh?

    Oh how we laughed about that in the pub later.
  7. I think this was so you could go out two nights in a row. We never called it trick or treat but nick-knockin, probably to do with nicking peoples flower pots or garden ornaments, knocking the door and running away. Wasn't a good night out unless you got shot at by your neighbours.
  8. They're on the street already anyway.
  9. I have been under the same impression, mate. Although cant seem to get a definate answer from anyone.
  10. Well Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day which always falls on November 1st except in Orthodox Christian countries which do it sometime in the spring. I have never heard of it being moved around to avoid Sundays as the feast would take precedence over the Sunday services. I know this is the date in RC, CoE and Lutheran churches. Not sure if the Church of Scotland does feasts the same way.

    Maybe your parents wanted to be sure your homework and revisions were done for Monday AM.
  11. Best holiday of the year

    Women dressed as slutty vampires , slutty nurses, slutty witches slutty ....... you can see the common theme here :)
  12. make the little buggers work for their treat. I hang strips of white synthetic sheets from the porch which they have to fight through, including a couple of motion activated ghoulies (available from ASDA), screaming sound effects are played off the PC and when they get to the door I meet them in fancy dress.
    My neighbour goes for it big time, a couple of years ago he buried himself in his front lawn and popped up to give the little dears their treats, last year he sat on a chair covered in gauze with UV lights. He then jumped up as the little loves came up the path.

    At about 7pm all goes quiet so I go over the road to the birthday party for the little witch who was born on halloween.
  13. Bloke who used to live in the patch was about 6'2 - made himself a costume in the theme of Frankenstiens monster, which included platform shoes and an extension to his bonce which took his height to about the 7 foot mark. Plus his costume was VERY good.

    He stopped answering the door to trick or treaters after three succesive groups of youngsters had ran off screaming and his wife took over the duties (well it was on the patch, whilst the fathers would probably laughed their tits off about it the mothers would have been going ape).

    With that in mind, I have a very good vampire outfit this year with very realistic teeth (and blood...!). I am NOT on the patch, so should have some fun this year!
  14. Trust the Septics to make a child's game and family tradition out of demanding money with menaces.

    I'll get with the spirit of horror this year and give 'treats' of an eyeless rabbit's head on a string.