Halloween Party Costume Ideas

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Oct 28, 2004.

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  1. OK - I have an invite to a party this weekend. The lady of the house has ordered that it is a costumed affair - Halloween themed.
    I'd rather spend money on beer than a costume, so cheap costume ideas needed.
  2. You could save money on all those plastic stick on cuts, black eyes and other disfigurments by going to town on yourself with the contents of your tool box.

    With a bit of luck you'll have some nice gruesome looking scars for future years too. :twisted:
  3. if you own any Black Combats, or old trousers your not going to wear again, and a black long sleeve T-SHirt, (can pick up for about £3 some places, H&M namely).

    well if you have that all you need is some Black Duck tape, and you can go as the crow. i done this a few years back, you need to paint your face to make it convincing, but its does look good.

    and reletivly cheep if you already have Black Trousers of some kind.
  4. The good old green maggot and long johns - voila - teenage mutant ninja turtle - and the birds will be impressed later when you dribble in your goin area :roll:
  5. Using the black clothes again, you could cut out bone shapes and go as a skeleton. Alternatively you could paint them on with glow in the dark paint?

    Don't think my cosume would suit you though, am going as a PVC pussy cat...

  6. sounds fun!
  7. Ghost outfit

    Take one king size white bed sheet, hang over head and mark where your face is
    Draw skeleton face, cut eye holes and mouthhole for beer etc
    Make some handcuffs/chains to rattle

    Bingo one cheap outfit :lol:

    You can wear your PVC gimpsuit underneath in case it turns into a swingers party :roll:
  8. Just have to watch for people pulling my tail, as the skirt is only velcroed on!!!
  9. Get a baggy white shirt and staple the sleeves together behind the back to create a restraint jacket.

    Cut a sieve in two to create two hemispheres, use duct tape to cover the sharp bits and double up a bungee to create a hockey mask type thing.

    Slick your hair back and voila... Hannibal Lecter.

    For that added touch, get someone (that you trust!) to lash you to a trolley using bungees and wheel you to the party.

    And for the icing on the cake, get some liver from the butchers and place it on a serving salver along with some fava beans and take a bottle of Chianti! :twisted:
  10. Any spare iinvites :?: :wink: :?: :wink: :?:
  11. It's not a party, it even sadder than that, club Friday night, cause we all have free entry membership cards... :oops:


  12. what did you do buy them all. the site is sold out!!!!

    also Velcro skirt, or Velcro Tail!!!!! bit confused
  13. A couple of years ago a pal of mine got hold of a proper priest's shirt and decided to use it as the basis of a halloween costume.
    Expecting him to turn up as a pretty standard priest I was pretty amused to see him turn up wearing said shirt in conjunction with black combats, black assault vest and a bloody great M-16 BB gun.
    I asked what he meant to be and the reply was: "Vatican special forces". It was bloody amusing but the plodders took offence when they drove past the house the party was in and noticed an armed, black clad man about to asault it.
    Very, very funny party, even the plodders eventually saw the funny side of it (once they convinced us that they really were policemen, not rather old guisers with very good costumes).
  14. You could always wear soldier 95 and belt kit. RAF attempting to dress as squaddies scares the poo out of me!