Halloween Fancy Dress

I've had a search and not found any threads on fancy dress for Halloween, I always like to dress up and give a bit of a stir with the fancy dress I choose and was wondering what original ideas Arrsers have?

To give you an idea of what I mean,

Last year I dressed up as Superman.. in a wheelchair ;-) I thought that was quite a good idea and the year before it was a Loyalist Paramilitary even though I am originally from the shith0le we all know as West Belfast..

What ideas have you got?
I think I will wear a grey cardigan, drive a rover into a lake and go as Fred Gee.
Don't wash for a couple of weeks, empty the hoover bag over your head, and go as a Chilean Miner, alternatively if you can find a Gary Glitter Lookylikee (probably not had much work recently) go as a Chilean Minor. BbBom Tish
On my mates stag do we dressed head to toe in camo, dressed him in an Orange boilersuit and carted him round in a wheelbarrow. The fact that he was the only Indian lad there made it funnier. Couldn't get a taxi for home though and had to walk. Humorless cnuts.
Been doing a bit of thinking and if I get a blonde wig, I'm thinking Maddy McCann? Too much or on the button?

I could add a t-shirt saying - 'Have you seen my parents? The bastards ditched me on holiday!!'
Borrow a cheap battered kilt, get fake mustache, buy cheesy bling on ebay. Go as the distinguished "Irish warrior" from County Croydon, Baron Castleshortt.
Some blackface make-up, an afro wig, a tin marked 'petrol', a tyre around the neck and a bloodstained T-shirt reading 'I Heart Soweto'. Play a vuvuzela for extra offensiveness.
Shave your head then cover it in golden syrup. Strip naked, stick a brush shaft up arrse and go as a toffee apple.

Failing that stick on a pair of green overalls, grease up a segull and go as a BP worker.
Me and my mate were considering dressing up as a school boy and Jimmy Saville. Too soon?

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