Halloween Fancy Dress

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by paddington_88, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. I've had a search and not found any threads on fancy dress for Halloween, I always like to dress up and give a bit of a stir with the fancy dress I choose and was wondering what original ideas Arrsers have?

    To give you an idea of what I mean,

    Last year I dressed up as Superman.. in a wheelchair ;-) I thought that was quite a good idea and the year before it was a Loyalist Paramilitary even though I am originally from the shith0le we all know as West Belfast..

    What ideas have you got?
  2. That might be a good fancy dress but how would I hold my beer? :p
  3. I think I will wear a grey cardigan, drive a rover into a lake and go as Fred Gee.
  4. If you can find 2 mates, two of you dressed as towers and one as a plane!
  5. Don't wash for a couple of weeks, empty the hoover bag over your head, and go as a Chilean Miner, alternatively if you can find a Gary Glitter Lookylikee (probably not had much work recently) go as a Chilean Minor. BbBom Tish
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  6. On my mates stag do we dressed head to toe in camo, dressed him in an Orange boilersuit and carted him round in a wheelbarrow. The fact that he was the only Indian lad there made it funnier. Couldn't get a taxi for home though and had to walk. Humorless cnuts.
  7. I think your getting confused with the Indian kareoke champion, Gerupta Singh.
  8. Been doing a bit of thinking and if I get a blonde wig, I'm thinking Maddy McCann? Too much or on the button?

    I could add a t-shirt saying - 'Have you seen my parents? The bastards ditched me on holiday!!'
  9. Camelback !!!!!
  10. Brilliant!!
  11. Borrow a cheap battered kilt, get fake mustache, buy cheesy bling on ebay. Go as the distinguished "Irish warrior" from County Croydon, Baron Castleshortt.
  12. Not a bad idea but I'm looking more an idea where people will look and think, 'You harsh cnut!!'
  13. Top tip.Avoid this one for anything related to the NSPCC.

  14. Some blackface make-up, an afro wig, a tin marked 'petrol', a tyre around the neck and a bloodstained T-shirt reading 'I Heart Soweto'. Play a vuvuzela for extra offensiveness.
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  15. Go as a priest??? the sick version!

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