Halloween costume help

Got a Halloween party to go to and need help in deciding what to go as.
A few mates are on the same wave length as me and so I expect to see some cracking costumes BUT we will be in the minority and so I can't get too extreme...the Maddie outfit might be out of the question! (I think that a Fred West or Harold Shipman might be just about what I can get away with)

So if anyone has get any ideas, it'd be a great help!

:batman: :farao: :spiderman: :queen: :viking:
Go as a Spagetti hoop


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Is this any good?



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How about a LEXMARK W820 printer.

Blue body paint all over, spray painted white wellies and a pillow case on yer heed. White rugby shorts.

Variations on the theme are Papa-smurf (add beard/waistcoat) and Smurfette (add comedy breasts and a wig and bikini top)


Gay biker
Zombie Priest
Tardis (asking for bother)
Gay Freddie Kruger
Linda Blair (Exorcist chick)

Lastly, a personal fave of mine:

Shave your entire body. dry off, powder lightly. Take a roll of Harry black and tape the last turkey in Sainsbury's back, the with a black marker, draw your rig on. Naughty nun, black lingere, Vicar etc the possibilities are endless


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Which one are you OFAH.


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If your close to home, there's an excellent fancy dress shop in Hook, just up the M3. They'll have just about everything you'll need.


Go as Jacko:



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Dye your hair ginger and put on an Afrika Korps uniform.

You could also embellish it by picking an appropriate name...
I was a guest in an Engineer Sqn bar one Halloween and one of the lads came in dressed as a penis. Hair, scrotum, foreskin all made out of paper and cardboard - a brilliant Blue Peter effort.

The punchline was he was holding a fully completed CES for it all and told people he'd come as an RMP.

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Strip down to what God gave you, snatch a leaf from the mulberry bush on the hedge outside on your way out and go as " Adam "...depending on how you handle things, you might find a -um - leaf blower...

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