Halliburton has received 52% of the $25.4 billion.......

....... that the Pentagon has paid private contractors


Halliburton Hearing Unearths New Abuse

Every morning 120 trucks line up at the Kuwait-Iraq border to deliver gasoline from Kuwaiti refineries. The drivers, mostly poor South Asian men from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, must cross at dawn because if they wait too long, the managers from Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR), a subsidiary of Texas-based Halliburton, who operate the border post during the day, will subject them to rigorous checks that effectively shut down the deliveries.

"The only way we can cross the border is to arrive before KBR," says Alan Waller, the chief executive officer of Lloyd Owens International (LOI), a British company which manages 700 trucks from five different sub-contractors.
That doesn't strike me as a surprise at all but makes me want to hurt someone. Everything related to Halliburton = sleaze, corruption..more sleaze. Next thing you know, they'll have pipelines running across the Atlantic right into Dick Cheney's stomach.
KBR very odd bunch from what i ve seen of them if you grabbed a
bunch of squaddies and kidnapped a bunch do goody types/technical experts and told them no booze till the lights were on and locals have water .More would have been acheived for less money than KBR spends
Still, it should make their shareholders rich (or even richer) back home - what with them being legally bound to put shareholder profit above ALL other concerns
I shall add some shares in this outfit to my burgeoning portfolio of ethically-questionable investments. All of which are performing scarily well.

I have no idea what kbr do too low on the food chain to be party to the plan if they have one .Seem very keen on employing Ex pats on high salaries as managers and consultants and buying large 4*4 .A lot of their
employees thought they were rubbish and didnt have a clue .
KBR build base, drill oil, sub-contract to other smaller firm and supply the Allies force logiscis where in the past it is done in house by RLC, ASC & RCT. They Yank 21th century verison of the old East Indian Company except the congress nor the white house own it like the Royal family own the EIC.

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