Halle Berry Wants My Love Child

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 23, 2005.

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  1. ..at least she hasn't said ' no '..

    see that the super star and mega beauty has spilled her ' inner most' desires to a Brit magazine. In the interview she confesses that she would like to be a mom [ aww, how sweet ] and realizes that at 38 and without a man in her life she's pushing things a bit.. She hopes to find Mr. right soon and worries that if she isn't preggers and cooing over morning sickness by age 40 she'll have to look into choosing the kid's eye and hair colour from a sperm bank catalog or seek adoption to fulfil her maternal desires..

    I'm ready!!.. anytime Halle, my love...Be happy to ' donate ; to the cause.. I, for one, wouldn't want to see her life become an empty round of multi-million dollar movies, Oscar parties and world-wide first class accomodation bereft of the pitter-patter of little feet throughout the multi-room mansion she calls home..

    I'm -ahem - ' up ' for it...
  2. Must admit Halle is Top Totty of the highest order, but she may be a little old for my 26 years young.

    Sienna Miller on the other hand.......

    Dreams, dreams!

  3. Post it on her website Rocketeer! I'm sure she'll respond most favourably, after all, which laydee WOULDN"T want to be impregnated by an ARRSEr?! 8O :twisted: :lol:
  4. I'm fully aware that 90% of the members here will now try and track me down and kill me, but I've never really rated Miss Berry.

    (buggerit now retreats to his secure bunker and prepares to hide)
  5. It's OK homosexuality is legal now (although not quite compulsory) glad to see you've got the spunk (no), balls (hmmmm) guts (still dodgy) to come out. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Oh luvvie, you've caught me! Seriously though, I'm not (ask my girlfriend). I can see how some could like her, but she never floated my boat. And took against her slightly when she demanded an extra half a million for getting her norks out for about 0.5 seconds for Swordfish.

    Keira Knightly on the other hand........ :D
  7. well, I put my bid in.. [ afterall who wouldn't want the bragging rights for boinking a prime piece of Hollywood tottie?]

    However, if Angelina comes on the market, I'm prepared to sell my first born, my dear sainted grannie and the rights to the Rembrandt just to....

    er.... towel, please,, Nurse!.. clean up Aisle 8...
  8. Keira Knightly, wasnt she on Chickenpunks "Interesting website" ? :wink:
  9. She could do with some fattening up, that's true, but still worth a squirt! As is Ms Jolie, so glad to see Rocket does have some taste! :twisted:
  10. What, this Keira Knightley?
  11. 8O 8O 8O

    That looks like the one, but had no idea she was in that! Will have to go down Blockbuster instantly! :twisted:
  12. I knew a bloke who dated Kate Beckinsale at College.

    Not sure how if I'd like to look in the mirror every morning and see the guy who USED to date Kate Beckinsale looking back at me.

    Where do you go from there?

    Obvioulsy I'm not jealous - just being grown up and objective. Yes.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I'm glad you brought that up Dozy.
    You seem like a nice bint, report to my bedspace for a debrief.
  14. Oxford man?

    I remember when Keira Knightley was 16 and innocent. Halle asked me to do the honours but we agreed I would spoil her for other men. :)
  15. Shouldn't take too long DB......put aside 60 seconds of your time :wink:

    And that does include foreplay :twisted: