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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 21, 2002.

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  1. Ok, just for fun, I thought I'd start a Hall of Heroes. These heroes, are high ranking officers, who put the welfare of their men first, above all other considerations, and political machinations, often at the risk of their own positions and careers..

    So to start..

    Arthur Wellesley- 1st Duke of Wellington...


    Bill Slim


    General Sir Mike "POD" Jackson


    General Sir Michael Rose


    Colonel  Bob Stewart


    Sir Michael "Boy-Cee" Boyce


    Sir Tony Farrah-Hockley


    Irwin Rommel


    "Dolfo" Galland

  2. I am truly sorry for conforming to every sterotype of my gender, but..................my heart rate has just increased with just one look at Mike Jackson. I'm would like that picture to hang in my Hall of Gorgeous Men.....

    Don't ask me to analyse the attraction, but that man just does something for me....

    OK, OK, you boys go back to your warry talk, I'll just sit quietly in the corner with a dreamy look on my face... 8)
  3. Lord, Prodigal,

    I think you need to go build a website www.craggymen.com

    Anyway, thought there were bags of 'em back in your home country? Must be all the sun or summat  ;D
  4. I know I know! What am I like hey?

    Maybe growing up surrounded by craggy men lead me to believe they were the epitomy of gorgeousness......anyway, MJ fulfils every one of my criteria for Perfect Man.....(except he's married of course - absolutely no disrespect meant to Mrs J of course, lucky thing!) (although, like all men, I'm sure he can be a pain on occasions...)(But, let's not get me started...... ;))
  5. Feeking hell, compared to MJ Prodigal, I'll have to consider myself extremely handsome.  The man (although an incredible leader of men) looks like he's had a hard life down the pits.  I'd have thought you'd have gone for 'Stone Cold Looker' Rose.  The stare from him could warm milk at 1000 paces !!!   ;D
  6. You forgot Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley" Farrar the Para!" as he was affectionately known ;D ;D

    PS Mike Jackson, another Para Regt Legend!!!!!! ;D ;D
  7. Excellent shout B_D

    amended...... ;D
  8. Ah yes, I remember him as a newly promoted Brig when I was a subby, saluting and doing a double take (is one allowed to do that? probably not - did I care? nope) but I don't go for the cool blue look, I like some fire in my man's belly.....

    I'd rather be fixed with a dark, hooded stare and a twinkle in those black eyes............sends shivers up my spine! Anyway, craggy ruggedness suggests a life that's been lived, pain endured and and love honoured - what more could I want?! Perhaps I have something of the Russian in my soul......
  9. Not sure about old Dukey Boy though.  Yes he was an excellent General but was a bit tough on the chaps!

    In India he used to throw Bns of men at the Indian fortresses and was often regarded as being totally immune to losses, however some say even he was shocked with the carnage of Badajoz.

    Excellent General, but note sure about being that him always putting his mens welfare first.
  10. Well who else does anyone suggest?

    ..... Oh and I stuck one in for the Crab element..  ;D
  11. WHAT ABOUT MONTY ??? ??? ???
  12. Oh and David Stirling, Major General Johny Frost 8) 8)
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Patton - for his fine and tolerant treatment of Battle Stress cases.

    TE Lawrence - great Icon for our PC times!  He  :mad: loved  :-X the Turks!

    Count Von Stauffenberg - Trying to end WW2 18 months early would have saved lots of Squaddies
  14. Could I have Shaka Zulu and Ian Smith on the same page? Probably not........oh well, I only came here to have another look at the pretty picture......... 8)

    If anyone knows of a single lookalike version of MJ please, point him my way...... :)