Halifax gold account security breach

Just went to the bank to check if something had been paid into my account. When I looked at the mini statement I found 2 withdrawals during the last 2 days, each for £200. As I know I didn't make them I went into to the bank to query this. To be told other people had this happen to them, from the same type of account.

So we started the claim process, card and PIN cancelled, a call to fraud dept. etc. While I was on the phone to them another chap came in to report his account was missing money as well. I asked the teller where the withdrawals had taken place, one was Hamilton, the other someplace else in the Glasgow area. I don't know if this is a problem with accounts just in my branch or a national one, it's not good anyway.

I went into the pub for a pint after this, and guess what, the barmaid and her man had exactly the same thing happen to them. Withdrawals also made in the Glasgow area. So there's obviously a major security breach someplace. If I had any kind of HBOS account I'd go and check it now.

What puzzles me is this account card can only be used in ATM's or banks. You can't use it on the internet, phone, or in shops. As it only seems to be these type of accounts affected, and I only really use one bank ATM to withdraw cash, I don't think there's a problem with the ATM. Which means someone has got into their system. How they also got the PIN is rather worrying. When my new card arrives I'll transfer most of it into another account, or just close it. I'll also be changing all my other PIN's just in case.

Lets hope they catch these scumbags very soon.

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