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yeah you can get quite a bit of discount only on items that can help with mechanic type stuff tools and spares etc but also batteries and window wipers etc
I mearly ask for a link or reference, as I can image myself walking into my nearest Halfords store with my 20 years old Class 1 cert and demanding a substantial discount to the bemusement of the spotty YTS lad behind the counter.

My apologies for any offence caused by my breast stroking remark!!!
Try this Paul.


I got mine from asking to see the Manager and just showing my ID card without taking any certificates. I can't see that it makes a difference when you got the qualifications but take the certificates all the same just in case. I'm sure the policy must differ between Halfords stores.

Bought a servicing pack for my car on Saturday:

NGK Spark Plugs Price before £15.99 Price after £6.20
Halfords Oil Filter Price before £5.79 Price after £2.39
Halfords Air Filter Price before £10.99 Price after £5.43.

Speaking to the chap on the counter the biggest savings seem to be on tools and car bulbs.

One thing to remember, when you use the card, you have to take the items you wish to purchase to the spares counter to get them to calculate the cost to trade. They will print you out 2 receipts, one for the actual price and one for the trade price. Therefore if you are doing a job for somebody you can charge them the full price etc. You then take your printed receipts and goods to the checkout as normal and get charged the trade price.

(It just goes to show the profit being made by Halfords when selling to Joe Public. VAT is still paid on the trade prices so no need to inform Mr TaxMan.)

Hope this helps...
I've been using the trade card for a year now and the savings are huge! Sometimes when buying a basic service kit, ie filters, plugs etc for a standard car, you can save up to and over 50%, halfords give two receipts, one for you as the tradesman, one to show to customer, ie, ssm.
I've even accompanied my QM into Halfords and he got a trade card coz i said he worked for me! :thumright: And yes, bulbs are heavily discounted but also the excellent ratchet spanners, break 'em, bring 'em back for a no quibble replacement, break one in half, get two replacements! (don't bring back at the same time :shakefist: )
I had to have proof that i had engineering quals, i also had to give details of where i worked ( i lied about where i worked just incase they didnt give them out to squaddies!)... however the savings are great especially on halfords own branded stuff eg. £15.99 for pair of windscreen wipers but with discount card £4.97. even got a quid off that coloured car polish!
just found out that you can get a halfords trade card for free by just turning up with your pass certificate gives massive discount aswell!!
Cheers mate didnt know this and just about to get a load of stuff, will try it out this weekend. Only found out the other month about burger king franchises giving you 20% discount for official services and some McDonalds doing the same. Been in Germany too long. Thanks again
I always ask for a discount and 8 out of 10 times I get something of the price. My wife hates it when I start haggling, still she didn’t mind when I got 30% of our new sofa and chairs. Cheers for the Halfords info.
A_Mech said:
quite correct, however they are only for VM's and definately not for those jumping ship to be dog handlers!!!!
if you have engineering quals (and can prove it), then you are quite entiltled to one! regardless of what job you are doing now!

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