Halfords Auto Centres

I watched Halford's Auto rev the living shit out of the company Peugeot during an MOT & never took anything in there again. (franchise ?)

Halford's Shop is a different co. they do make nice socket sets,


I used to have a 2.0ltr Focus RS but the cost was ridiculous. I'm now happy with Noddy. I can still beat Audi's without flicking sports mode on. ;)
The only time i would use them is to fit a side light filament on my run around banger.

I know it is only a side light and it should be easy but on this car it has been designed so you need fingers as slim as chop sticks and as strong as mole grips. And with 3 more articulation points in your arm and hand than you naturally have.

I am happy for some other sod to faff around doing that for 1/2 an hour if it means i keep all the bits of my hand in one peice and it only costs a few quid.

Everything else, sod them.
iirc they have a list of cars and fittings they refuse to change


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I bet mine is on that list. It is a right bstard


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I tend to use a local garage for all my jobs,he is one of two garages authorised to work on taxis. it my pay to find out locally who has that permit
Took mine in for a full service on Friday. £179.99. whilst there, they tried flogging an oil flush and petrol cleaner for £30 extra and I declined. When I went to pick it up, they said they'd put the stuff in and tried making out I'd agreed to it. After about ten minutes, the manager relented. Spotted that the brake discs were worn and were trying to book me in for having them and the brake pads replaced... For £295.

I have found a local garage doing it for £155. I don't think I'll be going back to Halfords.
Same for Kwik Fit----------Knuts!
Not called Halfrauds for nothing.
I've always taken my cars down to the garage at the bottom of the road. Local Traffic cops take their personal vehicles there. Very good reputation.

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