Half Yearly Meritorious List Jun 2008

Anyone know where I could find the Meritorious Service Medal list announced a couple of weeks ago?

Thanks in advance

LongJohnSilver said:
Does that not come out with the New Years Hounours list, albeit, seperate issue.
No LJS, have tried looking at that list on various sites, still no luck though.....still open to suggestions from other users, if poss

thanks again

Citations recommending soldiers may be sumitted by Commanding Officers no later than 1st April and 1st October each year. Cases are then considered by the Army Medal Board.

Full details are laid out in the QRs Paras 5.392 and 10.006 - 10.007. Additional information was recently published in DIN 2006DIN10-006.

Link to contact:


Just phoned JPAC, as much use as tits on a fish, they are unable to tell me where the list is published, they wanted me to raise a service request, bugger that, I will leave that to you if you want to wait 10 days for an answer, have you tried the London Gazette.



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