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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by kingpin, Oct 1, 2005.

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  1. Well, just to let some of you know who took particular interest in my questions previous to starting basic and asked me to let them know how I am getting on...I am now half way through (at home on my 6 week stage) F**k me I shat myself on the drill square last Thursday, had some real mean battle hardened RSM inspect me, loved shoving his pace stick into me everytime he found a thread which I swear wasn't there when I walked onto the square, luckily I got my questions right. Live firing been going well, I scored all 4's apart from 2 rounds fired from 200m and 1 round from 300m, getting more confident now. I have learnt 1. never to take a short cut accross the square at night on route to the NAAFI!, 2. make sure PT kit is always ironed! 3. Show parade...need I say more! 4. never make eye contact with W.O's who will accuse you of eye-balling them!!!! My section commander is a complete headcase and has a thing for marking time. I shall be on exercise when I get back for 3 nights, still a long way to go, much to learn, but f**k me, beats stacking shelves, starting to understand the whole army thing now and what its all about. All advice given came in handy, cheers.
  2. Well done Kingpin, and glad to hear you're enjoying it too. Spread the word!!!

    Good luck for the remainder

  3. Great to hear of your success Kingpin!
    I am still waiting for the recruitment process to spit me out the other end...hopefully in the direction of basic training!
    I just hope I enjoy it too!
    Thanks for the adivce too.
  4. Really enjoying it, for anyone thinking or waiting to join up, then listen to the advice on this forum, worth its weight in gold. Its very hard work, but if you put in the effort then you'll be ok, and don't try and get one over on your instructors, just do what they say and play by their rules and it all come's together. This week we are off to the peak district then Belgium tour, so a bit of a break and chance to drink!
  5. Where are u Lichfield Winchester Pirbright?
  6. Good to hear - I wish you well Kingpin.

    Enjoy the Peaks!

  7. Well done Kingpin, stick with it work hard and enjoy your career, you only get out what you put in
  8. Well done Kingpin. Great to hear you are enjoying it. Keep us informed.

    Ahhh, does'nt it take you back....
  9. nope :wink: my memory isnt that good to go that far back :lol:

    well done kingpin, keep smiling
  10. Seems like kingpin had teh same loose thread everyone has, you know, the fcuker that dissapears when you are able to look for it!
    Keep it up fella, enjoy being part of it.
    Oh the memories of basic........ sniff
  11. noidea...I am at Lichfield.

    Update...Back from adventure training, and there was me thinking it would be relaxing! Great fun when the instructors took the wrong route which just so happens to include a 450ft summit! Think the pub at the end of a long hard day was the best, for the first time in 8 weeks or so I had my first taste of beer for a long while. The skits on the night were spot on and the chance to sleep under shelter without a stand two or sentry was pure heaven.
  12. Back from Belgium with an appreciation of what the British Army is all about, had a fantastic tour guide and learnt a fair bit, spent most of the time following some girls school outing, they were only middle school age I'm guessing, but beggers can't be chosers? Don't understand Belgium people though.

    ...Now the fun is over and back to the serious stuff next week, as we have bayonet training / live firing and NBC tests. NBC tests a good laugh to watch the panic set in on others when the respirator is taken off until its your turn. Final Fling now only a week away and not looking any further ahead than that...can't wait.
  13. Just read though, sounds like your having fun and not to worrying (there is a little worry cos u don't know wot to expect!) . I want to hopefully join in the near future, have got my BARB test on tues, so if i pass that it will be a start!
  14. Get yourself fit, don't have to be superman, just make sure you build up a decent fitness level and go for it. Its hard work and you have your up's and downs, but the mates you make and the laughs you have makes it worthwhile. I'm now on week 10 and next week is final fling, then only 4 day's left to pass out parade, only seems like yesterday I started. Anything you need to know then just post it on this forum, helped me a lot. Best of luck.
  15. Kingpin,

    great to hear that you are enjoying your training, hope the information that you gained from the forums here was of some use to you.

    Carry on the good work, we have all had that disappearing thread so don't worry about it.

    all the best