Half way decent scran around Notting Hill, tomorrow


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Jesus. You're not much use to me alive, are you?

But thats OK. The CO's (Peace be upon Their names) did not bring me here to please the likes of you. No.

Right. I require somewhere decent to eat. Within striking distance of Bayswater or Notting Hill. Queensway. I'd rather avoid Lisson Grove and that whole Paddington experience if its all the same? Unemployed people who dress badly just dont rock my fucking boat, you know?

I'd like somewhere with half way decent conversation and half way decent scran.

Dont let me down.
Royal Lancaster Hotel - or the coffee kiosk over the road, just inside the Park, it does sandwiches.


seems to have lost the "Royal" since the refurb.


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putteesinmyhands said:
Royal Lancaster Hotel - or the coffee kiosk over the road, just inside the Park, it does sandwiches.
Thanks. But I was thinking somewhere where the entrée is twenty quid and they had my name on the door. Not a hot dog van what does sandwiches. Even if your cousin owns it.
Why not take your own? White-bread bologna sandwiches, crusts removed, wrapped in rainbow patterned waxed paper, perhaps with a spotted apple for token fibre. And a Mars bar. You like them, don't you? You could have lunch in the park, it could be quite an adventure. Let me know how you get on.
Potabello Road old chap, various establishments there

Portabello Road I would say and the nearby surrounding areas offer some good eats

However, if you do happen to be passing that pizza place near Paddington that keeps slices of warm Pizza in the window at optimum bacteria breeding temperature to tempt a passing squaddie on the way back to camp after a few beers and then spends three days in the med centre wishing to die with galloping food poisoning, say hi from me!! :(



PS you should be fine around Portabello as it's a bit posh.
E&O is pretty good in the Portobello area and has both a good menu and atmosphere. The Cow pub in Westbourne Park is one of my favourites. Food is great although seats are limited so you may want to call ahead. Definitely worth going to if you like oysters
nearest place to london for decent food is calais


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The Windsor is still the Windsor, and a good honest boozer. If you can ignore the braying PR types.

But I have found something more interesting.

A Lebanese restaraunt. In the basement they have recreated a Lebanese village. With stones brought in from Lebanon. Its not exactly Euro-friendly, since the menu is disguised in a Behruit newspaper...

and they aint bothered about the tourist trade. But if you tell them that you have been to Behruit, they'll ask you if you came in from Cyprus. Heh.

Go up Craven Road from Bayswater, past the dodgy Lebonese cafe on your left, hook a right towards Paddington station and its about 500 mtrs up on your right.

Its worth a look. It really is.
jemadarjo said:
nearest place to london for decent food is calais
Do you bring anything to the party apart from semi-rabid mongness? There are no decent restaurants in Calais.


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They've been in touch. Heres their website.


Heh. They dont do alcohol but they do do fine food and hospitality. I like the place very much. And if you liked Beirut, maybe you will too.

I leave you with a pome from Beirut....

hem hem....

The Plaza returned

Remember past
When our ancestors
were young
There were a field
and a plough and a mill
a peasant, water and shadow
the world was just fine
Oh, farewell the village
The shepherd and the spring
and the Plaza which gathered
hearts and stories
from the past

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