Half-trained troops to fight the Taleban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article3279578.ece

    From The TimesJanuary 31, 2008

    Half-trained troops to fight the Taleban Michael Evans, Defence Editor
    Nearly 1,000 new army recruits face having their combat training cut by half so that they can be rushed to the battlefields of Afghanistan.

    The “exceptional” measure is being proposed by senior officers to meet a serious shortage in manpower, The Times has learnt. It would affect those infantry battalions being earmarked to fight in the country next year. One senior defence source admitted that the new recruits would not be properly qualified to fight since they would receive only 50 per cent of the basic training usually given to qualified combat infantrymen.
    More on the link
  2. Well if this is true it emphasises just how desperate the infantry manning situation is. Even back in the 1960 it was ten weeks basic followed by 6 weeks continuation training if I remember correctly.
  3. Interesting, perhaps the fact that a lot of soldiers decide they've done their duty after a tour of Iraq or 'stan is having an effect..............early in, early out? :wink:
  4. Hell, lets sell off the training camps so we can't get more into the system earlier even if we needed to. Mind you 14 weeks is more than the TA get before heading off to Chilwell.
  5. Yes it is but when a few are mixed with many the dilution is hardly noticed. If the article is correct this amounts to nearly 19% of a battalions strength. With more good Cpls and Sgts leaving this will result in a significant reduction in experience and expertise.
  6. I for one am not happy about as I start my CIC on 24th Febuary 2008, whether or not this would I effect me I don't know but I'd rather not chance it.
  7. Well as the Taliban are only half the men our boys are...whats the problem?

    On a more serious note... a clear indicator of the governments failure to carry out its primary duty... ie defence.
  8. I know of reservists who have done 1x2 week course, then 12 weekends before being called up.

    36 days training before OPTAG.
  9. I don't think I would either. If I was an infantry platoon Sgt out there it would make me very wary indeed.
  10. Well at least this thread should get a lot of comment tomorrow from the early risers!
  11. Very true, but just imagine you are a man sat in the Treasury looking at things..

    I see these TA chaps have done quite well on ops, only cost 5% of a regluar chappie..

    I see they only get 9 weekends and a two week course before joining the parent battalion...question, why do we train regulars for 28 weeks...hmm we can save a fair bit of money here :evil:
  12. Sadly I know of someone doing 31 days, thats 2 weeks and 8 weekends, I kid you not :x I'm happy to say the soldier concerned returned safe and well with a glowing report. If a little shell shocked :roll:
  13. Yes but why do you think we are one of the finest armys in the world?????
    Because of the training and if you start halfing the amount of training the recruits are going to be half as good? :evil:
  14. Accountant/Apparatchik think. Establish lower limit of realistic budget by relaxing standards until failure occurs. :evil:
    Anyone read this? LINK
  15. Stinks.
    We are short of Infantry so 'We' will send out half trained men.
    When will the Government admit THEY have screwed up the ARMY big time.
    They have cut the MEN who do the dirty dangerous job on the ground.
    And now have the Brass neck to suggest that sending out MEN who have not had the full training required will do.
    I never got over the disbanding of 4 battalions as part of the NI Peace Deal.
    Please no one tell me that that did not happen. I have heard all the OTHER trumped up reasons.