Half Ton Son

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chasndave, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi All
    Anyone else looking at C4 just now? An American lad called Billy, who weighs in at (no s**t here) 57 stone. They are following him through weight loss surgery.
    I thought I was a fat c**t (and I am) at 5ft10 and 13st.

  2. Just started watching half way through. They cut off a 69lb chunk of fat. He's only 19 years old! His mother needs shooting!
  3. Its brutal watching, never understood how anyone can get to that state. Pretty grim body on the bloke, bet the guy washing him at the clinic loved his days work!
  4. This is a form of child abuse. Don't tell me she "didn't notice" anything....
  5. The mother is the problem.: she is a Feeder

    How else do these immobile fcukers manage to get to that state otherwise?
  6. You are a fat c*nt. He's just better at it than you.
  7. I used to be really really fat and would have "some" sympathy for people like this.. now I'm just fat and I hate the lazy bone idled weak f*cks..
  8. If he manages to bulk up a little bit more he will be a prime candidate for the TA.
  9. i dont understand why parents seem to get the blame all the time...hes 19 ffs since like 12 he can see he is a fat Cnut he should of stopped eating and started doing something active i have 0 sypmathy! :roll:
  10. Fit him with a wick and use him to host the Olympic flame. He'd deffo last 'till 2012.

    Quote of the night, last night:

    Fat cnut: "I'm tired, I can't get up"
    Fat cnut's Mom: "Get outa bed son, or you'll just put that weight back on. Come on! You can do it, you've lost 280lbs already"

    Fat cnut: "Yeah, but I still weigh 520lbs, FFS!"
  11. Never understood how people can get this bad.

    Overweight, fine.

    But surely alarm bells should have gone off somewhere when he hit 20 stone!!!

    The problem is getting worse.

    At risk of being labeld Hitler again, this is why I would like to see a Health, Nutrion and Fitness package in the schools. Mandatory.

    Teach them health and nutriion because there ARE parents in UK who haven´t got a clue either. And maybe a Fitness Test and Pulheems before leaving school.

    Not too sure how it would fit in, but in Germany for Health Insurance purposes, the Germans have to attend fitness examinations, for those who miss them their premiums go up.

    Wonder if a NHS Mandatory health check could work?

    Think of the cost of carving off fat and stomach stapling, compared to a spot of healtly eating and a week or two at fat camp for the citizens?

    The doctors could "commit" fatties as well as mentals.
  12. Surely the solution would be to install the fridge at the top of the stairs? When fatty can't drag himself up there anymore then he can't eat... result - weight management.
  13. Someone get that guy wii fit :lol:
  14. The mother should be done for child abuse!