Half ton mum, channel 4, now

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Run_Charlie!, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. 67 stone woman (29 years old) is on Ch 4 now.

    How does anyone get so fat!
  2. I know , chirst almighty , thats an abomination.

    "I can still touch my toes , but my skin would rip"

  3. By being one greedy mother fcuker!

  4. was she wearing anything sexy
  5. :? Eats a lot :? Watchng it now :rofl:
  6. Quite easy in married quarters. Would love to see a new reality show in the UK.

    Britains heaviest MQ Wife

    Which Regt would she come from ?
  7. Why is she wearing lippy.... :?
  8. Theres plenty of dodgy looking jock wifes
  9. It's jam.
  10. i,d let her suck my balls for a laugh
  11. Fat cunts should be shot in the face.
  12. Now I know where my spartan bivvi went........ :muhaha:
  13. Are you deliberately trying to alienate most of the birds on arrse?
  14. moving that looks like a job for a foden
  15. HAHA! a fire truck to get moved! Dignified!
    What a mess.